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Computer Generated Mock Ups

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VtrElmarco, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. I don't normally have a shot at the magazines, as I usually enjoy them lots while on the toilet. Simple man that I am.

    But I am well and truly over the CG mock ups of what certain future models are going to look like. AMCN even ran the putrid new Hayabusa which actually looks nothing like the model just launched at Suzukis conference.

    They have also done half ar$ed mock ups of the new 2008 Aprilia V4 superbike and supermotard, ZX-10, R6, Bimote DB7 and Truimph Rocket tourer. Give a bunch a pre-schooler some alcohol, pop-sticks and playdo, and better jobs could be turned out.
  2. Prove it with pics!
  3. Me running around a pre-school with camera in hand, feeding kiddies vodka shots is not going to go down to well I think. :LOL:
  4. Mark, you seem, er, well a bit angry of late.
  5. I'm an industrial designer, so product design and 3D or photoshop renders are my specialty, i just gotta say that it is frustrating to see people make "pie in the sky" concepts which turn out nothing like the real thing.

    If you have no idea, why speculate?

    Most of those "speculative" renderings probably aren't done by 'designers' anyway, so it's rare that they are going to be good.
  6. Yeah, it is a shame. You see these really great looking bikes/cars and think, man i will buy one of those when they come out, but then they look nothing like it when they are made and you look to the next promising concept that will ultimatly look like crap when it comes to production.