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Computer games led to baby death due to neglect.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. This couple need to be lined up and shot! Seriously.

  2. I have to say the computer game addiction is a little scary in the asian countries.
  3. Not just in Asian countries. I have seen families destroyed here in Melbourne because of internet addiction.
  4. my wife and i discuss these problems on the couch at night...

    usually via Msn messenger.

  5. do you give her a cuddle while you do it?
  6. I know of a guy who was so obsessed with World of Warcraft that his fiance, in a last effort to save the relationship, actually bought a second computer to 'spend time' with him.

    HAHA... Didn't work. She eventually found a normal person instead. :p
  7. hope he cannot breed........
    It is very bad for partners.
    But feel very sorry for poor kids growing up in houses of internet addicts,
  8. Says all of us who spend alot of time on an INTERNET Forum :LOL:

    But yeah, agree with everyone here.
  9. Hm, I think I'd rather have 18 years of good games than 18 years of raising a kid.

    But I'd recognize that you can't just let the kid starve… you sell him!
  10. no one find this slightly ironic(not in regard to Smee's link) that you are all gabbering on about internet addicts on an internet forum for 1, and for 2, a forum dedicated to another sort of addiction....

    o/t Those people need their fingers removed at the first knuckle.
  11. thats real sad hearing that, hope she can never have kids again, not worthy of 1
  12. Everything in moderation is ok. It is the addicts, on internet forums etc, who cause destruction to families.
    Oh, and I forgot to say that the ancient art of motorcycling does not break up families. The sport can be a great family pastime. Netrider is a leading example
  13. A very sad article indeed. I can't believe that they were raising a "virtual" baby, whilst their real baby died.....
  14. yep, this an extreme example. Families can disentergrate and people's hearts can die because of neglect from an internet addict. It is common.
  15. Or you can trade him in plus 3 other games before the end of this month and get the latest version of Starcraft!
  16. Starcraft is never going to be released!!! Neither is diablo3!!!
  17. I'm on the beta for Starcraft 2, so even if it's never released at least I can still play it :p In fact, I might get a round in before bed tonight… :angel:

  18. LIESSSSSSSSS :tantrum:

    hand it over @ friday night coffee =P
  19. Its straight out murder IMO - they didnt directly hold a knife to the childs throat, but they may as well have !!!! The child did not deserve that sort of treatment and parents who cannot raise a child should not have one in the first place !
  20. This just takes it to another level!!
    They need to be charged with murder.

    I know how the game addiction goes, i left a 10 year relationship due mainly to an addiction to stupid games...