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Computer burnout in heat?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cruisingal, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. Okay, I booted up my pc on Sunday the scorcher, and as it was firing up would keep turning my monitor off! I got hold of another monitor and it did the same thing.

    Took the pc into the local shop where I purchased it from and it turns out the processor and motherboard have gone! Now I am up for $400+ that I didn't budget for around christmas time :evil: The worst thing about it is that it is 14 months old, so two months out of warranty :evil: I also had the burner replaced 2 weeks after purchase.

    My neighbour has been so kind to let me use their laptop though, so I can still satisfy my Netrider addiction :wink: :) :LOL:

    End of whinge!

  2. Bugger about the computer... esp. this time of year.

    I've said it once and I'll say it again...you have great neighbors. :rofl:
  3. Yeah, the neighbours thought it was pretty funny seeing me with coffee in one hand, smoke in t'other, shaking like a leaf and jumping like a bean :rofl:
  4. wow the wonders of modern tecnology! can they wheelie too??


    hope it is back up soon and ends up costing less than they quoted ... :(
  5. Its always handy to get the 3-5year extended warranty....usually only a couple of hundred $ more and it would have more than paid for itself in this instance.
  6. May be mistaken here, but don't the processors carry more than 12 month warranties if fitted to a mobo?
  7. Sounds like the place you got it from might be doing the dodge. Moderm CPU's and mobo's shouldn't burn out after 14 months unless they are exposed to extream dust or other substances.

    There are plenty of us geeks on NR who will help you get the best value for money when it comes time to go PC shopping again. So yell out if you want a hand.
  8. Yep, I'd be getting a second 'netrider-nerd' opinion before I shelled out $400. Although a shop might offer a one-year warranty, many computer components carry a longer discrete warranty. Hard discs, for example, all have a three year warranty. See your nearest netrider-nerd.....
  9. Geez guys, thanks for the offers :grin:

    Unfortunately I had severe withdrawal by Monday morning and it was back in the shop and it's now ready to be picked :evil: Wish I posted here before doing that, buy I cannot live without my PC (yet another addiction).

    Next time I will come here for opinions first before rushing into anything hasty, but I just wanted it back asap :wink:

    And Es, you should see the mono's it could do (off the end of the husbands foot) :LOL:
  10. Same thing happened to one computer I have here. I just took the side panel off, and I've got a desk fan pointed in there. Keep the fan on the highest setting and the computer works fine.

    Edit: Of course, that's just until you go and buy replacement parts. It works fine, but it's loud and annoying. $400 out of your pocket is less of an inconvenience than sitting next to a desk fan all day. If it helps, I can get you cheap computer parts. What bits do you need? I could get you a whole socket 775 machine with ASUS mobo and a fair bit of DDR, nice video card etc. all for $500. Two of my mates just started a computer shop, so I get great deals.
  11. Thanks for the offer Jimma :grin:

    It turns out only the motherboard went, but the processor that was 14 months old isn't compatable with the new one :? so had to be replaced also. I told them I want a flat screen monitor thrown in and I would be happy then, but they just laughed at me :cry:

    Excuse any typing errors, broke my finger at netball last night.....but the player that did it to me didn't get off scott free :oops: :)
  12. Hmmm, my old HP did this too in the heat, it would get very slow and you could hear the fans for both power supply and boards labouring, then it would wig out.
    I installed a secondhand power supply and the thing went for anotehr two years. New power supplys are around $60 max.
    Not bad, 10 years out of a base model PC. I'd definitely get a second opinion, as it realy does sound like the way my PC would play up.
    Mind you, if I was faced with a $400 repair, I'd either head down to BigW and pick up an Acer tower when they have 15% off (my new Acer with heaps of memory etc, plus new keyboard and mouse was only $590 or something not on sale), or buy something from Dell.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. I have (had) a program running on my comp that monitors fan speed, power, temp etc. You can set it at certain levels and if the temp goes above that level the program sets off an alarm therefore saving a 'burnout' I had a clean install done on the comp and dont have that program anymore, I will try to find out the name of it, it was good. :)
  14. Hmm, that sounds like it may be a handy little program to have running. Will do a google and see what I come up with. :)
  15. Nice try for the flat screen LOL.

    FWIW a lot of PCs get a gradual build up of dust over and under the mobo, in the power supplies, in the fan intakes, etc. Apart from occasional cleans and vacuums, the preventative measure of placing the unit off the floor (specially if it's carpet!) even by a few cms can help a lot.

    I'm at the farm in Foster North most weekends, so if you need advice, PM away.


    PS A rider and a netballer! = a very tough combination (and I'm not joking!)
  16. You took her mirror off on the way home? :LOL:
  17. Ooh, I didn't think of that Port, would have been much cleverer :grin:

    I've played inline hockey so netball is a walk in the park :LOL:

    The kids love to come and watch, they think it's hysterical that their normally calm and easy going mother turns into a biatch in runners when she step onto the court. :p :LOL:

    Digger: thanks for the offer and I will keep you in mind for next time :wink:
  18. I'm currently using a program, that does all the above, and it's called "SpeedFan".
    on top of that, depending on your hardware, you can manual change the speed of your fan(slower to reduce noise/faster to lower temp)
  19. Heh. That's quite plainly bad advice. Anything a brand name company like Acer or Dell throw together will cost approximately twice what the equivalent computer could be built for.
  20. Only for desktops, laptops are a totally different matter and laptops are a steadily growing percentage of the market.

    Personally I woldn't bother with a desktop unless one was a hardcore gamer these days.

    We have 5 computers on the lan at home and have had for a while, all used to be desktops. Within the last 2 years 1, then 2, now 3 and in 2 weeks a 4th one of them will be laptops. The only one holding out is the teenage boy (addicted gamer) :)

    Combine a wireless router and a laptop and life is just much easier.