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Computer asst please

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Brian26146, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. I am trying to get some html files to auto run when the cd is the drive.

    I have a file called index.htm
    I also have a file (written in notepad) called:-


    Doesn't work.

    I have also tried:-

    open=start index.htm

    Both files are on the root directory.

    Any ideas why not?

    I still have the session open on the cd, I don't think that would be the prob, would it?
  2. Just find the file 'index.htm' and double click it.....should load in ya browser straight away.
  3. good question
  4. Ah, I forgot to mention, I want it to autostart when the CD is inserted into the drive.

    Thanks for the thoughts so far.
  5. I have one here that autoruns a html page.

    Theres a file in there called:

    This is its contents.

    OPEN=runme.exe start.htm

    start.htm is the html file it opens up in IE
    I dont know what the runme.exe does? It seems to do nothing if I click it.
  6. Have you got autorun for the cd drive enabled?
  7. And I assume your


    is within a filename called autorun.inf
  8. Try this:

    OPEN=explorer index.htm

    Now i dunno how this will work across diff platforms but should work for all/most windows OS's.
  9. Oh Yes, sorry forgot to mention that. Getting frazzled I think.

    Yes, the file is called autorun.inf
  10. I thought autorun.inf needed to load an executable, not just a webpage. I'd be trying booga's method for Windows machines... might work.
  11. You are a scholer among scholars, my friend (for life)

    Worked a treat. (Just before cd became frisby)

    Thanks again.

    I checked the settings and all were on for autostart.

    I tried copying/pasting from different tutorials, none worked. Yours did.

    rippa :)