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Compulsory Third Party Prices (NSW)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by davidp1984, May 24, 2010.

  1. I was wondering what prices people are paying for their CTP Insurance.

    I've done a search but came up with no other threads.

    Please include Average Price (using the website below) or your current price, your age, location and bike.

    So I'll Begin.

    Average quoted price from providers = $660
    Age = 25
    Castle Hill, NSW (Pretty decent snobby upperclassish area)
    00 CBR600F4 (Fully Insured)

    BTW, greenslips.nsw.gov.au will do all the running around for you. (and yes it is quite accurate going by the 2 providers I called to compare the prices it came up with)

    Everyone I spoke to said that it is basically dependent on your age but thought I will compare with everyone else.
  2. Utterly ridiculous that it should be that high for a bike, considering how unlikely it is that you'll hurt someone ELSE with your bike.
  3. Age: 23
    Sutherland Shire, NSW
    2000 CBR600F4

    EXACT same price!
  4. For my current bike - 1999 Kawasaki ER-5 (500cc LAMS), and new bike 2001 Triumph RS (955cc)... same damned price!?!?!? $633 roughly
  5. ok here's a weird answer to your question.

    my 600 yammy was $250 for 6 months.
    my 1200 bandit is $201 for 6 months.

    it must be cheaper the bigger your bike. i might now buy a 3 Litre Triumph Rocket. probably $100 per 6 months.
  6. does one of them have full insurance and the other not?
  7. I was under the impression ctp was a flattish rate dependant on bike.
  8. Actually, is there anything that CTP does? Do we get any benefit from it?
  9. yes but i dont see how that would effect CTP.....

    it is a rort and easy premium for the insurers. i am all for people ripping of insurance companies when it comes to this sort of "enforced" policy. in 15 years i have never had any one claim against me but it has always gone up.
  10. 27yo, 09 Daytona, Inner Western Suburbs, recent accident, full comp insurance.

    All within a couple of dollars of $660 for the year... except Allianz at $488!!!

    I know which one I'll be going for.
  11. Allianz are really good on price for comprehensive and ctp policies. Anyone interested in taking up an Allianz policy contact Alto Motorcycles in Chatswood, even if you are not buying a bike from them, they are still quite happy to do a quote for you. Allianz will not offer comp insurance unless you go through a dealer. They saved me $400 on my policy.
  12. Wow I might give them a call see if they can do me a CTP / 3rd party property damage deal.

    I did the CTP online quote and Allianz was up there with the rest, within $2.
  13. Age 41
    comprehensive insurance
    No accidents
    max no claim bonus
    garaged in Glenmore Park

    GIO - $420

    my comprehensive policy only costs $150 but the bike's 23 years old :)
  14. You are really getting ripped off in NSW. While there may be issues around the TAC's advertising, at least we get something for our money.

    For about the same price here (including the levy) we also get covered for all medical expenses and income if we have an off (even if it was a single vehicle crash or our own fault).
  15. From memory the total rego cost (inc 3rd party) in Vic was cheaper than just the CTP in NSW. I've been back and forth between Melb and Sydney for a few years now, and I wish I could keep a permanent address in Melb.
  16. Yeah it's one of the more significant injustices that motorcyclist have wear. Apparently this has been brought to the attention of a number of politicians and senoir public servants over the years and the justification is that our accident rate is higher.

    so even though it is meant to be third party insurance, we pay for our decision to ride a bike.

    Many thoughts come from this. Firstly this mentality is born from the belief that roads belong to car drivers and everyone else is in the way. Secondly, given that pedestrian accidents are higher than motorcycle accidents, how much CTP do they pay?
  17. Age 29
    Location Gosford
    Bike GS500f 2007
    Comp insurance AAMI
    Nrma CTP $485
  18. Age: 52
    Location: Byron Bay
    GS500 2006
    3 demerit points
    No other insurance
    Allianz: $374
    NRMA: $509
  19. I'm not sure about "all medical expenses and income" but the MAA in NSW does offer some financial support if you qualify.


    Would be interesting to hear from any who have gone thru the process.
  20. What you can claim for is very limited

    If you were injured in a blameless accident on or after 1 October 2007, you can make a claim for personal injury compensation. A blameless accident is an accident where a driver or owner of a motor vehicle is not at fault. Examples of blameless accidents may include:

    accidents caused by a driver suffering a sudden illness, such as a heart attack or stroke
    accidents caused by an unexplained mechanical or vehicle failure, such as brake failure
    accidents caused by an unavoidable collision with an animal on the road
    Any road user can make a claim for a blameless accident, however, there are restrictions that apply to drivers (including motorcycle riders) injured in blameless accidents.

    Drivers may not be able to make a claim if they were injured in a single vehicle accident or if they were driving the vehicle that caused the accident, i.e. they were the driver that suffered the heart attack or they were the driver of the vehicle that failed resulting in the accident.