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Compulsory Riding Gear

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by b12mick, May 6, 2010.

  1. I notice with interest that the Army, if not the ADF, have recently put out a Routine Instruction dealing with the minimum requirement for motorcycle clothing on Army bases.

    In short:

    1. Must wear an AS approved helmet.
    2. Must wear enclosed shoes or boots.
    3. Must wear long sleeve shirt or jacket.
    4. Must wear long pants.
    5. Must wear protective gloves (fingerless not permitted).

    Is this the begining of national legislation?
  2. The army is responsible for the safety of people on their property, you follow their rules when on their property, or you don't and you leave.

    In essence, not a whole lot different to asking someone to take their shoes off before being allowed in your house. Your house, your rules.

    In this case though, the rules will likely be driven by liability reasons.
  3. ^ wot he said

    hey if ya sign on the dotted line ya follow the rules.

    the army also pay for you to do 1 motorcycle training program a year.... the rest of the govt dont.

    but ill be ****ed if ill support manditory safety gear
  4. I agree when you're on an ADF estabilishment you follow their rules. But, this is somthing very new. In the past the ADF simply followed and enforced the same rules as civvy street when it came to this sort of thing.

    It has already caused one member some grief when a more senior member was somewhat confused by the new instruction. A young trainee was sitting on his bike, pushing it back out of a parking space, wearing all the gear but the jacket wasn't done up. He was then 'chastised' by a CPL for not following the new rules. However, the new rules don't state anything about the jacket being zipped or buttoned up.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily see it as a totaly bad thing, but how long will it take for civialian authorities to take notice and introduce something similar.
  5. assuming you are at wagga wagga. then you would expect said event to have occured on a certain training base. Said training base loves a good chastising and old matey CPL was probably just in arsehole mode.
  6. This instruction applies to all people on base, including defence contractors, APS and visitors.
  7. There are no Trainee's at Kapooka, just recruits. The trainee was at Watsonia. The trainee took it in his stride, didn't argue, just said "Yes, CPL" and did what he was told. Shame he couldn't do that when he lived at home.
  8. ahh i see. well if he's one of the many who ride their cbr125's or new ninja 250's around there im not suprised they had a go at him :p

    i'd just about charge em for being tryhard if i could. often see the ricer $1000 jacket and pt shorts look. gold

    but yeah again, its a training base and they love their rules up at the school.

    I think unless its the MP's i cant see you getting any real reprimand for it.

    was it you mick?
  9. I agree it's probably liability-driven.
    But so is the push for protective gear by TAC.

    We already have compulsory gear in the form of helmets. It's not a quantum leap for that to be extended to other items.
  10. I keep seeing signs that say must ware enclosed shoes and a hard hat on gates all over the place…
    Does this mean it will become a standard for all people?
    That is a building site protecting its self from litigation, this is the ADF doing the same.
  11. After a fall while I was on rookies course the nurse told me off ..not just for falling and causing her do to what she gets paid for...but she told me in no uncertain terms that motorcycles followed by physical training are the two biggest killers of man hours in the ADF.
    I did 21 years with the RAAF..I now work as a guard on a defence base..I still tell the trainees off if they dont have the right gear..more so if they are carrying a passenger. I refer them to Bikers Gear Aus..as it's only a ferry trip away and is reasonable quality at a very good price...much better than a jacket, shorts,sneakers and no gloves...I hates seeing that.
    Sure in the ADF you have free medical care but the point is that as a uniformed member you are an asset..one that they want to get some return from after they have invested time and money into training.
  12. Sounds like it may be a local order by the CO.

    The ASOD http://www.defence.gov.au/army/asod/documents/asodv1/03.pdf

    Says this:

    If when wearing uniform you only have to wear protective gear as required by civil law then you would assume that the same is in civilian attire. And if it is defence wide then I agree with the others, it is just arse covering.
  13. Wasn't me, it was my son. He actually rides a FZ6N and usually wears what the ADF now require as minimum anyway.

    Rabbito, as I mentioned before, it's not just ADF members, the instruction applies to APS, Defence Contractors and visitors.

    My wife works for one of the contractors on base, and while she doesn't really care because she always wears that as a minimum on the bike. But, one of the guys she works with doesn't quite understand that it applies to him. He's quite insistant that he can wear shorts, t shirt and fingerless gloves and there's nothing the Army can do about.
  14. The instruction came from FORCOMD. I agree it's nothing more than arse covering, but the conspiry theorist in me can't help but think this is the begining of compulsory riding gear.
  15. Eh… it's like that in the US, too. YOu sign your body over to the government, expect some restrictions on what you do with it. I can tell you that typically one needs permission from the base commander to skydive.

    That having been said, I have been and always will be against any mandatory safety gear for anyone over the age of 18.
  16. You've always had to get CO or OC approval to play sport etc. I just find it strange that after god knows how many years the ADF have suddenly decided that motorcyclists need protecting from themselves.
  17. Work place safety rules will be at the head of the queue as to why the ADF have imposed these rules as they're very similar to those that I'm supposed to follow as a postie.
  18. But would Aus Post make me wear the same gear as you if I go on your site as a visitor?
  19. if you go onto a construction site you have to wear a hard hat

    if you go on to a shooting range you have to wear ear plugs

    ect ect.

    they can do rules like that, dont like it? dont come in
  20. ASOD's is the Army Standard or Dress..however all commands, no matter what colour uniform, have a duty of care to ensure that their members/employees are as safe as possible.
    I read a memo not long back..I work for Defence as a contractor..asking the guards to 'remind' cyclists and skaters to wear the right gear. I had to shake my head at that one as the next logical step would be to do roadworthy checks on pushbikes to ensure that they conform too.