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N/A | National Compulsory Fluro Clothing?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Davi5678, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Were do they get that reduce the toll by 200 figure ?? Rubbish

    Again if you can't see a 250kg motorcycle with its head light on"
    get off the f**king road

    The rsc will hand drown their recommendation in December this year so let's see

    And as said below old news
  2. Did you check the date before posting?
  3. Isnt this a reasonbly old article?
  4. It may well be a recycled article, I came across it on another forum and immediately came here to see if I could find anything more on it. Quick search didn't bring anything up, so I threw it up.
    May well be a storm in a teacup. Apologies if so.
  5. Couldn't find anything? We've been talking about it for months mate. Hi viz is a solution looking for a problem. No one in power actually understands the SMIDSY problem, and evidence based legislation has been the promise. So a move to hi viz without an evidentiary basis will do much to piss off many.

    The real reason drivers don't see bikes is far more complex than a conspicuity Issue. Even TAC points to time of arrival illusion which is quite possibly a main reason which actually relies on being seen but not understanding what's seen, so hi viz will do SFA to avoid that scenario!

    Good article from Malcolm Farr by the way. I might look for more.
  6. I use that line all time. "What the fuck couldn't you see? The 250kg bike or the 105kg, 178cm bloke sitting on top of it?"
  7. Given cars have enough trouble seeing each other - shouldn't we be making them high-vis instead. :-k
  8. Given they don't see big red fire trucks, I don't think that will work either.
  9. Good point. Better make orange safety flags mandatory for them as well.

    Actually if you combine that with a few low-voltage, low-hanging power lines with bike shaped signs warning of electric shock - I think they'd soon learn to start looking :demon:
  10. I recon making all cars open top with no windows or windscreens would be much better for safety - no blind spots!
  11. I like that idea.
    It also makes it easier to slap the stupid drivers in the back of the head.
  12. I have the answer, but I don't think it'll work on a wider scale. I've mentioned it before, but will again. A few years ago a bloke I work with nearly ran in to me on the way home from work. The next day I gave him a serve. I claimed, "I didn't see you, you came from no where". I suggested to him that he wasn't looking properly because I could clearly see his face in his mirrors. Ultimately I offered to take him for a ride around Wagga on a Saturday morning. He took me up on the offer and after 30-45 minutes we stopped and he was totally amazed at how many drivers just don't look. A week later he commented that he had suddenly started to see motorcyclists everywhere.

    Now, if we can just get every driver to go for a 30 to 45 minute pillion ride in traffic (and lets face it Wagga isn't really all that busy), I think we'll have the SMIDSY thing licked.
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  13. The problem isn't blind spots. I occasionally drive a car, it has blind spots, I still manage to see what's around me.

    The problem is that people don't look. If you don't look you can't possibly hope to see.
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  14. People are too lazy to look .. its too hard to turn there heads
  15. You kind of misunderstand. People do move their head, but still don't actually look.
  16. Think not . in my experience they don't do a head check so to lazy to look over their shoulder .

    Anyway brother its all bad :)
  17. ^^^^THIS +10000000000000000

    The don't look over their shoulder is the merge SMIDSY. We shouldn't excuse drivers in any way, but this is something that riders can do a lot to manage - keep out of the blind spots, expect to be merged on etc. We have a lot of control about whether we are in the striking zone or not.

    The real killer though is the turning or intersection SMIDSY, where a driver doesn't look, looks but doesn't see, sees but doesn't understand or sees but doesn't care. Blaming riders and putting them in Hi Viz is not going to change any aspect of these.
  18. What about Hi-vis black ?
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  19. It's a half serious joke I like to use now.
    Just as stupid as Hi-Vis, and would help just as much. I see plenty of people who don't look (to lazy to turn/move their heads) and more that "don't look" (look straight through you because they are mentaly filtering out anything that isn't a car.