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VIC Compulsory Driver Training Can Save Lives

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by adprom, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. I saw the following article in the sunday herald by a retired member of the Vic Police Accident Investigation Section. Its amazing that given his experience, both in cars and on motorcycles and he comes out with all the stuff people here have been saying. Yet vicroads, vicpolice and MUARC continue on their deluded path.

    P.S. There is a related facebook page with good stuff on it run by Craig facebook.com/RoadKillBook


    Edit: As stated later in the thread, the following has also appeared on the facebook page:

    Through that, the book is available at a $5 discount for $23 directly.

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  2. Excellent work Prommy, I was looking for this. I'll add to it in a sec.
  3. While I am here, it is actually an extract from a book Craig Hodge wrote. It is available through that facebook link, but it appears it might be short on stock at the moment.

    Not often I actually consider buying a book. In fact apart from my uni books, haven't bought one for at least 5 years. Strongly considering this one though.
  4. http://www.tacsafety.com.au/jsp/con...000010080CB01F88A2246&navLink=null&pageID=192

    Interview - Colin Chamings

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  5. I'm interested too. He sounds like he is almost a whistle-blower. Almost.
  6. Just enjoyed reading the interview from the tacsafety site....
    haha, charged with being unlicensed day before getting his learners...

    Should be a pre-requisite for all cops.....:LOL:
  7. The other thing that makes me wonder, is why the online article was almost impossible to find - certainly couldn't just browse to it by the looks of it
  8. It is a bastard to find let me tell you. Buried deep under the pile of party line.

    I find myself looking for stuff and then stumble onto other stuff, and then i can't remember the stuff i was looking for so i go and find other stuff. The internet is full of stuff.
  9. Same thing happens to me. I get sidetracked enough as it is - nevermind having infinite information points, which each lead to several more information points. Its lie sticking exponential parallel streams into a single core processor (brain)
  10. You hurt my brain!!! I'm off to look at p0rn.
  11. Yeh, but just wait till you go looking, then you see maybe 4 bits in google you like and each of those pages of p0rn lead to another 4 pages each and you are already up to 16 pages.... p0rn led to the current issue :p

    Back to the topic on hand, who else would like to see the "speed kills" message with "complacency kills". Imagine if they spent as much on that campaign as on speed. We might see some real results.
  12. I been saying that for years, defensive riding/driving course should be compulsory when getting a license and subsidised for any person wanting to do one. (maybe one free course each time you renew your license as to not send the government to broke)
    If they can't stop people from doing dangerous shit, at least give them the skills so they have a better chance for themselves and others to survive.

    Also, you often here the powers say how much accidents cost taxpayers so if they use cost as an excuse to not bring it in when it could be preventing accidents then you know they are lying. But what else would you expect, underneath the façade they probably want people to break the rules and crash so they have excuses to fine people more and bring in more ways to do it.
  13. So that explains why you're totally stuffed!
  14. Hehe, that explains why my brain is stuffed.
  15. A key Vicroads rep not long ago presented a paper which discussed how much of Vision Zero techno wizardry and principles could be applied to motorbikes and would be accepted by riders. The answer is not much... yet. (That's critical) It also made the point that the community doesn't yet accept that motorcycling is so risky that it itself (the community) would make a grass roots call for technological solutions.

    In my view, if they (the authorities) keep spinning the 38times type stat (which is only likely to get bigger as cars become more uncrashable), the unthinking public will arrive at this conclusion under their own steam (with a bit of a prod from TAC no doubt) and start calling for bikes to be banned or neutered.

    So the paper recommends that in the mean time, riders should be given as much training as they can handle to reduce the likelihood of the initiating events that lead to collisions and injury.

    Training isn't yet seen by boffins as the solution - just a stop gap measure until the ultimate techno solutions can be applied to bikes.
  16. This is because you like the rest of us follow the common sense and practical approach to road safety rather than an unattainable, unmanageable approach based on poor, or completely wrong information (more often than not, deliberately skewed completely wrong).
  17. FWIW - I have just ordered the book. Extremely rare I will buy a book as stated - but is comparable to the price of a tank of fuel. From the guys who dealt with this sort of stuff - I figure there is always something unique they can share and learn from - so worth it IMO.

    P.S. A bit of info about the book here: http://www.slatterymedia.com/store/viewBook/road-kill
  18. Checked out the FB stuff. There is some comments from 1 person that makes me want to grab an AK47 and a rooftop.

  19. Yup - that guy cites his own experience too. What he is basically admitting to, is that he isn't the sort of person you want doing the training.

    I have done the defensive course and it is absolutely no doubt a benefit.
  20. I wonder who David Skewes is?

    ..and I wonder if he does statistics? (I crack me up)