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Compromising on a helmet?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by soupsmrs, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. Hi all, apologies if this is in the wrong section. Totally new to the forum.

    I've been riding with Soup here and there on the road and currently using a Fox dirt helmet I'm pretty sure is for teens, paired up with some goggles haha.

    We went to 3 motorcycle stores yesterday and I couldn't find a road helmet that fit. The 'best' adult fitting helmet was a Shoei and too expensive for me at $850. Second was an Arai helmet, really cute design (blossoms) at $650. They don't come any smaller than XXS apparently...

    The best fitting however was an AGV helmet in youth! I wasn't really comfortable with the fit and felt it wouldn't provide adequate protection. I know price isn't always indicative of quality but it didn't really feel right if I was to buy one for weekly riding. Otherwise inside it felt more snug than other adult helmets, just not happy with it though.

    The customer service people couldn't really offer any more assistance, so I suppose the decision is on me.

    What helmet should I be getting? One that is more pricey, feels better in terms of protection, but is not as snug? Or a youth one that doesn't feel as protective to me but fits well? I really want to get a new helmet ASAP so Soup and I can buy some intercoms.

    Thanks everyone in advance!
  2. Hello Soupsmrs, good to see you posting. Have a look at the site www.crash.org.au it give syou a Star rating system for Comfort and Safety. I am afraid XXS is the smallest shell that is made, meant for a head circumference of 51 - 52 cm. You must be a petite one. :) Some of the more expensive helmets have options of changeable cheekpads and liners so they may offer a tighter fit for that size shell.

    It may be worth speaking to the importer of the helmet you choose to see if they can offer alternative lining for a smaller head. I know the HJC brand carries some helmets in their Youth range that may be able to help you.
  3. Thanks for your help! I've checked the ratings but all the better rated helmets don't even fit me!

    My mistake above as well, it was the HJC youth that fit my head not AGV. I was thinking of ringing Arai etc but not sure. Is the youth one suitable for full road use, higher speeds and all?
  4. They are required to pass the same standards at a minimum so are OK for road use. Arai should sell into Japan and the Asian markets so will need to deal with people of smaller stature than the Australian boofhead. They may have a suggestion for you. Sometimes rather than a phone call to the agent contacting them through their website explaining your situation is a good approach.
  5. FWIW Arai customer service is awesome. Just give the Aussie number a ring which you can find on their website.

    Each time I've rung it's been picked by someone only too happy to help.
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  6. to get helmets cheap you have to hunt around and look for sales. they all meet aus standards so safety is OK. the extra price gives you more comfort and less noise. In Melb we can get Bell for around $350
    Road, Helmets, Full Face Helmets - Peter Stevens[brandfilter]=Bell
    and AMX has shark helmets around $400 (I've been looking recently too)
    the big stores ebay outlets can be a source of bargains if you know your size
  7. Thanks all for your help guys, I'll be giving Arai a call on the Monday to see if they could possibly do something for me.

    Never thought about the possibility of them selling into the Asian markets but I'm hopeful they might be able to assist me after hearing the suggestion.

    And I'll try get in touch with Goldenberri, thanks!

    As for prices, I noticed the Arai was $50 cheaper at MCA Auburn than two other bike stores. I'll definitely be looking for something that has less noise especially because we plan to use intercoms.

    Never knew finding a helmet could be so difficult!
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  8. The smallest size helmets can often be bought even from brand names like Shoei or Schuberth for a bargain price on clearance sales for less than half price, because they do not sell that well off the shelf. The important thing is obviously to know exactly what size you need and to be aware that European, American and Japanese helmets vary in shape and size. Buying one online without having the opportunity to wear that exact model and size could lead to a bad experience.
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  9. There's usually always one lone XXS Shoei helmet in the MCA store that's reduced, mainly due to the girly, swirly graphics. I remember picking up my previous helmet (Shoei TZ-X - in my profile pic) for $550. I traded in that helmet during a Shoei promotion earlier this year and received $150 off the Shoei NXR helmet, which is much more snug, lighter and has more cheek padding than the TZ-X.

    I can sympathise with your plight as my XXS head seems to only fit Shoei helmets (after trying the smallest size in all other brands). Good luck finding a helmet! :)

  10. Thanks! It's great you could trade it in too and save on the NXR helmet. I think the Shoei NXR 'Seduction Helmet' style was actually the one that fit best for me in adults, but out of budget and still not snug enough.
  11. Another thing to ask the store is to try on a new helmet (if they have it) from the back. I found the new NXR helmet from the box was a lot more firmer and snug than the one sitting on the shelf.
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  12. Howdy soupsmrssoupsmrs . I had the same problem and found that the only helmet that fit me was the Shoei NXR XXS. I'm used to hearing the words 'Would you like to try something from our pillion range?" which means the kids range.

    So I did. I bought a THH Youth helmet as my previous helmet was too big and really interfered with my head checks as the wind would catch it when I turned my head. The THH padding does leaves a little to be desired around the ears though so I'm using earplugs. But I find it comfortable and the shell size is smaller, like the Shoei XXS so it's more petite which is a bonus.

    I will upgrade to the Shoei NXR when I get my next ride but the THH will do for now. If you're planning on using intercoms, maybe the NXR is better to start with as I'm sure it's a lot quieter.

  13. Thanks for your input! So did you end up buying the Shoei at any point? Sorry if I missed something. I don't think I've tried on the THH Youth helmet, but will keep my eyes peeled. At this point I'll probably ring up Arai and Shoei to see if they can source something or help out, or I'll settle for the HJC youth.
  14. As a full time student for the last two years, I couldn't quite justify $850 for the Shoei. Also, I checked the Crash site and the Shoei NXR only rated 3 stars which surprised me. If I spend $850 I sort of expect better, so I'm still doing more research. But I desparately needed to upgrade owing to the wind drag I was getting on my old helmet which was too big. I bought the THH for fit and comfort, but I can't speak for it's safety rating as it is not listed on the Crash site.

  15. That's fair enough! It is quite a bit to spend, and sadly none of the helmets on the Crash website fit our size noggins well.

    Hopefully the helmet is good for you and not too much wind which I'm kind of worried about since I want to do longer distance rides.
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  16. Good luck with it all. The helmet issue does bother me so I know how you feel. But I'm aware that no helmet is a magic bullet so fit and comfort and conforming to standards is the next best thing I suppose.
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  17. soupsmrssoupsmrs, I sort of did a GoldenberriGoldenberri in reverse. My first lid was a THH TS39. It was fine, not too noisy, but as it was my first lid, I had no comparison. I then changed bikes and found it a little noisier as I had a lower windscreen. I then bought Earmould earplugs which I wear ever ride now, and love them. Noise problem solved.

    I went to buy a SHOEI as an upgrade, but the fit was not right, ended up with an Arai Vector 2, which I love, is much better in quality, with better finish, padding and vision (probably ventilation too) but actually noisier. Earplugs solved the noise. However being my second lid, the fit is better as it is a smaller size, probably the correct size. I realise the THH is a size too big, but I have it as a second or backup helmet. The THH is a reasonable helmet as far as I am concerned, and mine was only about $130.
  18. Interesting, and the Arai Vector 2 is one of the ones I really like! Although a bit big but not out of the question. I haven't tried on the THH helmets I don't think, so I will have to keep my eyes out for them if I stop by a bike store. If the fit is anything like HJC it might be good, but I'm still hoping the adults section will have one for me. Like you with your first helmet, I really have no comparison! I'm wearing a Fox dirt at the moment so I don't really count it but I think I'll notice the difference later. :D It's great you found one that fits even better too!
  19. I see Shoei makes optional thickness cheek pads for the NXR. 35mm standard and also 39 and 43mm.
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