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Compromise your safety - buy a Shoei helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by lkyphl, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Last week I took my Shoei X-11 helmet back to the dealer for the NINTH time due to it's leaking visor in rain. The local agent have demonstrated eight times they are unable to repair this fault, and my request for a replacement helmet was knocked back. The X-11 is, AFAIK, Shoei's top of the range helmet, and for the thing to leak every time it rains is simply not acceptable.

    Please bear this in mind when you next purchase a new helmet.

  2. Then ask for your money back. If they refuse, then lodge a complaint with Consumer Affairs Victoria. And tell them, as well as Shoei's importer what you are doing.

    Then shop elsewhere.
  3. The dealer's behaviour is simply unacceptable, expecially as we're talkin top of the range = expensive helmet. MJT57 advice is sensible, but before you do that, go over the dealer's head and contact directly SHOEI Helmets in the US at http://www.shoei-helmets.com and tell them about your problem. Maybe the dealer here is just being an a@@%$**le, and SHOEI USA will be happy to exchange your helmet. Worth a try before you bring in Consumers Affairs.
  4. Hi, had a similar problem.

    Bought a BMW sportintegral helmet and the damn thing leaked on the first day in heavy rain. Day later hit a roo and scratched it. Took it back and first they didn't want to repair or exchange due to it having been dropped, till I got my back up.

    They exchanged it for a brand new one muttering "as a show of good will".

    Suppose I got lucky that time!

    Good luck with your claim. Just tell them you have around 3000 bikers standing behind you! :twisted:

    I'm sure they'll back down!

  5. Hi, use the term "the power of the internet" and tell them that if they do not give you a refund you will post the full story on every motorcycle forum in Australia. Then follow Ghibli's advice and involve Shoei head office, telling them that you are going to post your story on all the American forums too.

    I did a similar thing when I had a problem with 4WD tyres, and the local distributor seems to have bowed to pressure from the American head office. $2600 of repairs to my vehicle were paid for by the distributor.

    Just keep applying the pressure.
  6. I tested out my new X-11 yesterday (admittedly it wasn't pouring rain though) and I didn't have a problem at all.

    Obviously you got a dud helmet. Keep following it up and take it up with McLeods (importers) and also US.

    There are 221 components in the Shoei X-11 and all hand assembled. Human error with just one of those components might explain your leak.

    Helmet Info

  7. Helmet on and into the shower with you cruisingal. Half-arsed testing proves nothing.
  8. :rofl:

    Compromise, I will get the hose onto it and let you know. :grin:
  9. Either way pics would be worth 1000 words :LOL:
  10. I have the X-11 as well, great helmet but it leaks from under my chin :p
  11. That's just old man drool :p :LOL:
  12. Never had a problem with my x-11. Even in brissy storms.

    Where is the leak? is the visor adjusted correctly?
  13. The shell of the helmet where the seal for the visor is fitted is an imperfect radius ; the visor always leaks from this area initially. The first time I took it back a business card could be slid down this gap freely ; obviously it would leak.
    I have pointed this out to the retailer numerous times to no avail. They get the rep in and he adjusts the visor's hinge points (again) which certainly firms up the visor, but doesn't stop the leak. It has been back to the distributor on several occasions but the problem persists.
    I have posted this topic on four web sites, and I think the best outcome would come from prospective helmet purchasers mentioning to salesmen they'd heard that Shoei helmets leak. Eventually this might get back to the distributor, especially if sales start to slow.

    It will certainly get back to the distrubutor if I have an accident in the rain.