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QLD Comprehensive Insurance Recommendations

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by danwell, May 29, 2012.

  1. Hi NR,

    My previous bike was a dirty old XT600 which was worth very little, and I only ever had third party property damage insurance on it (as well and the CTP with my rego).

    I recently bought an XL650V Transalp and given its value (and the likelyhood of damage to the fairing if I drop it) I'm looking at comprehensive insurance - don't laugh..... I know it's not a hugely valuable bike but it is to me and took a long time of saving to buy. Third party is all kind of the same, so I wasn't worried about the cover, but comprehensive is a bit different.

    I'm looking for your personal (friend of a friend stories seem to get a bit out of hand) suggestions on comprehensive insurance. I know Insure my Ride are cheap, but I dont' know if that cheapness = nastiness. Swan seems to have a good rep? I'm not sure whether the big ones like Suncorp or NRMA or RACQ are bike friendly?



    (I'm not a fantastic googler so please feel free to point me in the right direction if this has been done before)
  2. Swan are OK. I get very good rates through RACV in Vic as I have a house and car also insured with them.
  3. Best rate for me was QBE but you and your bike will be different
    So just shop around and get 4 or 5 quotes
  4. IMR are great to deal with when the time comes. I had an issue going through my claim (the chosen repairer fkd up and sent my bike to auction by mistake) and IMR jumped on them to get it fixed.
    They even paid for another safety cert and rego after the auction house cancelled my rego.
    And because of their service when things turned to shit i've also gone with them for my new bike
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  5. I also found Swann to be the among the cheapest, haven't claimed with them yet though. I was also just on my L's, your circumstances may allow you more possibilities.

  6. Thanks - this is what I'm after. I just don't want to try to claim and find out they're horrible to deal with (heard a story about a friend of a friend - tree fell on pergola, dodgy house insurer wouldn't cover it because it was deemed not to be a part of the house) - I was a bit dubious about IMR given their pricing and internet only interface.

    Has anyone had to claim through QBE or Swan?
  7. Swann are okay if you know what you are doing, otherwise you are likely to get run around. Their prices were best when I was looking though.

    I really wanted to give IMR a go, but their website always seems to be down when I look at it.
  8. They've been updating the website which is probably what has caused the outages. Hopefully there won't be any more problems.
  9. I used to work for a bank, and as they all do mine sold insurance, so I think I know enough that if push came to shove I'd be able to make enough of the right type of noise that they'd do the right thing.

    There is about $60 difference between the IMR and the Swann quote (300 to 360). Are Swann worth the difference?
  10. With IMR you add gear cover and item cover so you could probably up that a bit. Swann include gear and item cover up to a value.
    Both seem good. I'm with IMR.

    Check and compare the PDS for each and, in particular, look at the excesses. It's possible (depending on your circumstances) to be up for a much bigger excess with Swann. IMR will only add 2 excesses.
  11. I found Avea was pretty good.