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Comprehensive Insurance prices: An L-plater on a VTR

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by iliketoride, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. So whats been everyones experience with comp insurance.. It's possible I'll be getting a bike on finance so insurance will be required, plus if its not too expensive it will be good to have.

    So rough estimates? Best insurance company to get a quote from? e.t.c

  2. Depends a lot on how old you are. Could vary from $1500 to $4000.

    Edit: I just used Shannons online quote (link below), and it spat out that for a VTR250, a 28 year-old living in a low risk neighbourhood, garaged, would be $1800 a year comp.

    They don't offer insurance to under 25's.


    Most insurance companies will charge similar rates if the conditions are the same.
  3. Swann and WesternQBE were happy to insure me on my VTR250 (27 yrs old, 2005 VTR250, rating 1 driver, learner) for under $60/month. They also insured my partner on a Yamaha XVS650 for about the same rate - maybe a little more. Make sure you keep an eye out for both low rates per month/year and low excesses. Sometimes an excess which you MAY ever have to pay, which is $100 more isn't worth paying heaps more per month/year for. Remember you're only guaranteed to pay the premium - you're not guaranteed to pay an excess.

    Find a happy medium between the excess(es) and the premium. I've also since heard that AAMI insure bikes - give them a go too .. the quote I saw for someone else on netrider looked quite reasonable.
  4. AAMI - on my 92 ZXR250C $410 a year for comprehensive + $500 excess (+extra $400 since i'm 22). Bike is garaged.
  5. skeeo: you're the one I was thinking of :) Your quote actually makes me want to get a quote from them also - even with the excess being a little higher than mine at the moment, its still a worthwhile premium. Do you know if they have an inexperienced rider excess on top of the $500 standard excess?
  6. not that I know of, the lady on the phone didn't say anything about it, I should get all the paperwork for it in the next few days, when I get it i'll scan through it and let you know if there is. I told her I was on my l's and all and she didn't mention anything though.

    She also said I got a rating 5 (i think) for a motorcycle which is the highest you can get on a bike with AAMI.
  7. skeeo: nice :) sounds like you got a really good deal then :)
  8. Im Insured with Swann through HRCA and I pay about $360 per annum. Was a L plater when i got it. Im a rating 1.