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Comprehensive insurance - do you want my soul with that?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dims, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. So i'm coming off my P's, stepping up to a newer, bigger, sexier bike. Well, so i thought i would be doing until i looked around for quotes for comprehensive insurance. Around the $2000 mark, and thats BEFORE excess!!!!

    I really have no idea what to do now. 3rd party is cheap but, what if i come off myself around a corner and write the bike off? As a friend just told me, only invest in what you can afford to lose. Well a bike i want has a market value of around 14k, i don't think it looks so affordable anymore.

    Looks like i'm staying on the kwaka 250 :(
  2. yeah good choice.

    but just go grab an old CBR600 or simalar.
    If u fcuk it its only a few 1000 down the drain.
  3. Two words: eighties superbike!
    Buy one for a few K, third party only, so cheap to fix if you stack it's not funny!
    Ninjas from this era are still a surprisingly good package, if you renew fork oil, rear shock and maintenence.
    Don't ask me about other brands in this era, I only see GREEN!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. <supressing supercilious smirk>

    I pay just over $230 per year for full comprehensive on a Hornet 600 (with a $350 excess)

    I KNEW getting old would have SOME payoff :LOL:.
  5. Wait till you get the Senior's Card discount on that! :rofl:

    For what it's worth, you younger guys just have to suck it up and buy a cheap bigger bike for a few years, we've all been raped by insurance when younger, you either pay it, fight it, or buy cheap vehicles and get TPPFT only. $3k will get an AWESOME 80's-90's bike.
    Personally, I saved the $2k/yr on insurance, bought cheap cars/bikes and bought MYSELF stuff with MY money.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Yeah 80's superbike wouldn't be too bad but at the same time they don't look as horn as the new stuff!
  7. but dude, to look horn, you need to ride horn. if you only need it to look horn, buy it and dont ride it ;)

    learn the big bikes on an oldie, then when you get a bike with all the modern stuff, you'll feel like the damn thing rides FOR you. thats how i found moving from the 1kf to the 1krr :)

    free advice for the day-
    a better vehicle operator will always result from learning how to drive a manual car, drive with no power steering, ride a dual-rear shock superbike and know how to kickstart a roadbike.

    i could go further, with the advanced advice...but thats hornet600's department. i have never fed the fire with coal or hand-cranked an engine to start it :p :p
  8. Gotta shop around bud. Play one insurer off against another! My original quote was for $2800 for my bike. Got that down to $1098. Look at upping your excess too. That made a big difference to my policy. Standard excess was $400 but i increased that to $750 (big deal!!) and that reduced my premium a fair bit.
  9. i learnt to drive on a tractor then followed to my first car a dato 260c, manual, no power steeering, where heatin was from leavin the windows up in summer and air conditioning windows down in winter ;)
  10. Mate of mine has an old duke and when he take's that out his is the bike that everyone looks at when we park. And the rest of us ride (or rode in my case) new bikes. Same went when another mate took out his slab side 750 gixxer. You'd be surprised at the amount of respect you'll get on an old schooler.
  11. You'd love an older Kawasaki then! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. You're alright Andrew :grin:
  13. so all's left is the bike portion and you are home and hosed!
  14. yeah get an old superbike, i like the mid 80's kawasaki z9. they got heaps of character and go hard
  15. I have an old GPZ900R (ZX9) that is a project... :roll: they sound great (in my opinion) go pretty good- think top gun. They're pretty cheap most under 3G, and in the right hands can be fairly quick. Bit of a heavy slug- around 230kg, but still a good bike.

  16. at 29 yrs old proving you havent been evil on the bike or car, your premium shouldnt be that much
  17. Well I'm 31, been riding daily for 13 years, haven't ever caused an accident and have full no claim bonus (though getting that wasn't easy since I've only ever had third party insurance). Yet still the best I could find was about $1000/year for comprehensive. So it isn't cheap.

    For you I think the best solution really is to get an older and/or naked bike and just get third party. Put aside the money you would have been paying. If you have an accident, hopefully you will have saved enough to cover it. Oh and oggy knobs might be a good investment if the bike can take them (mine can't :( )