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Compliments to Richardson’s Harley-Davidson

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Brendan Carley, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. Nod out to The customer service there yesterday, I did the 'main road crawl from Hobart and northern suburbs looking for a particular style of product, it was only at Richardson's Harley-Davidson where i got some good customer service.

    While the product i was looking for doesn't exist anymore, the sales person took a photo of what i wanted and has promised to call some suppliers to see if they can find any.

    I will follow up post with the results.;)
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  2. So a month has passed, and Richardson's Harley-Davidson customer service has lived up to my expectations

    shortly after I visited I received an email with an updated list of products in the hope that some would be suitable.

    Unfortunately nothing was quite right.

    So I searched the internet high and low and didn't come up with anything that I could buy in Australia, The USA. but i found a few products in Europe but after doing research the best matching product was only available to German Police Motorcycle units. What next ? of course ask a German Motorcycle cop to buy them for me. unfortunately the answer there was NO!

    So I was going to have to compromise what would tick majority of the boxes.

    Comfortable Fit
    Soft Leather
    exceptional grip
    Zip with velcro cover.
    no plastic
    no steel cap

    so I found something that fitted majority and ordered online.

    Yes I was after a pair of boots for a pair of feet that don't fit standard things on the shelf
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  3. they look like Army GP boots, Brendan.....
  4. Yes very close to GP boots, but small difference's most notably the lining, I'm looking into getting a speed zip for these.

    My last pair of GP boots had a horrid problem of being freezing cold not the kind of thing I wanted. I ditched the GP boots in favour of an Australian made work boot with no caps. this product was discontinued somewhere between 2003-2008. Those aussie work boots where good but problem with water in the wet. My rossi boots fell apart after a year horrid things cost too much fell apart too soon.
  5. dude
    you do know you have your mobile ph in your profile?
  6. Of course I do. Its been there for a very long time.
  7. what would happen if i ring it ?
  8. Depends on what phone plan you are on. So it would either consume your call time from your plan or if you are on unlimited well it would probably sit in your phone log as a number. it would also ring and be answered or go to message bank depending if i'm with in reception or not.

    you are welcome to add me to your phone if you are in the Hobart area or traveling through here.