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Complications of buying a house

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pringa8, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Need a rant.
    I'd heard the stories, knew that it would be stressful etc, but nothing could prepare me for the level of incompetance involved with the parties responsible for legals, paperwork, agents, etc with the purchase of the house. Holy cr@p, they've absolutely stuffed EVERY step of the way. We've had to basically fix every stuff up through hassling them just to do their jobs. Even had to contact the owner directly just to get a final inspection of the house. Every day now we've got a phone call from someone saying, ah sorry, actually the bank needs (insert form) or someone stuffed the names up (that's happened about 3 times, delaying the process each time from simple spelling mistakes, repeatadly). Settlement has had to be delayed twice now, i'm amazed we haven't been sued for compensation, but i can tell you were i'd be directing the bill!

    I'm sure any solicitor could sweep through and own the conveyencing market (here) by just doing there job. I know there's red tape but for f#ck sake, it cant be that hard.

    Anyone else share my pain, probably everyone I'd imagine! Hopefully this can prepare anyone who's intending to purchase a house soon, you're going to come across extreme levels of incompetance!
  2. Actually when I bought this house (the first time around) it was pretty painless. The only issue I had was that it turned out that the previous owners hadn't paid their rates, despite having claimed in the legals that they had. So my solicitor chased them up over that and they paid.

    And yes I bought the same house twice :LOL: second time was the most painful as it was part of the divorce process. Most painful thing was having to pay out for half of the house more than I'd paid for it in its entirety the first time around :LOL:
  3. Ouch! We'll, we're both sharing pain, just for different reasons! At least I dont have to deal with them afterwards like you ya poor bugger!
  4. nope mine was straight forward....but i agree very stressful
  5. Nope, easy.

    I have great loans chick at Comm bank and i do my own conveyancing.

    My loan aplication goes someting like

    Me "Nat i need some money"

    Her "oh god how much this time"

    Me "I dont know, tell me how much i can have and send me all the shit to sign"

    Then we just BS on for a while about nothing to do with anything loan or work related.

    Easy :grin:
  6. Did you use a conveyancing firm or a solicitor?
    If the answer was (i), not a lot you can do. They are unregulated cowboys.
    If the answer was (ii) there are options. The state Law Society being one.
  7. A solicitor (allegedly). I dont know if they're just disorganised or incompetant. Even simple things like sending through a fax are beyond their capabilities.

    Damn, sounds like there's a few lucky people here, everyone I know has had plenty of dramas.
  8. Mine was pretty painless too.

    House and land package, so a bit more complicated, because the builders didn't own the land.

    The builders tried to change some clauses in the contract half way through and the solicitor looked at it and spent some time on the phone with me. I didn't get a bill for the extra work.

    This is bread and butter stuff. It's an easy way to make some money, by just knowing the process and filling in some forms.
  9. Thats the problem it isn't that simple in some cases. You are correct in 90% of cases it's join the dots. The 10% is where a solicitor is needed, not some half hearted outfit, who incidently have NO insurance.
  10. Yep agree. It's just that GS5 is implying it's the norm to have hassles. I'm just saying I didn't and it shouldn't be.

    Name and shame I say, GS5
  11. mine wasn't hugely painful but it's not unusual for things to go wrong, take time and for the settlement date to be delayed. i think it happened on both the selling of my sydney flat and the buying of my current flat.
  12. GS5hundy,

    Have you ever considered using a mortgage/finance broker?

    Ny bf and i are brokers and we do absolutely everything for our clients to ensure a smooth transaction.
    Buying property can be stressful when you have to go back and forth, delays etc etc as you have clearly experienced and obviously it's caused enough angst, so much so that you've had to post about it!

    Just to give you an example of what a good broker should do:

    1: Submit your loan application
    2: Track the process of the loan and if any issues arise, remedy the problem without stressing the client
    3: Colaborate with any other third parties i.e. Estate Agent, Conveyancer/Solicitor etc to again, ensure everything goes according to plan
    4: You (the client) should then be left feeling like everythng went smoothly and stress-free (meanwhile the brokers are usually pulling their hair out lol)
    5: Maintain regular contact to see if you're happy with the loan and eventually, should you need finance again, you have someone that knows you, already has all your details so the process simple and easy.

    We've had clients where we've almost helped on every aspect of their first home from arranging the removalist to guiding them through setting up their utilities.

    For me personally, it's only in my best interest to look after my clients because they're my business now and in the future.

    Ok so i gave myself a little sales pitch but even so, prior to becoming a broker i was still of the same opinion.

    Good luck mate and hopefully next time iwon't be anything like that..

  13. Here's a neat little trick to watch out for: The last time we bought a house, we received a notification in the mail for about 6 months worth of unpaid council rates. This came about two months after settlement.
    Thing is, we had in our possession receipts of the rates paid by the previous owner for exactly the period being claimed by the council.
    Our solicitor told us not to worry, many councils try this on immediately after a sale. Apparently a good percentage of unknowing buyers panic and just send off a cheque without going over the details.
    So we didn't pay, sent the council a note explaining that we had proof of payment, and promptly received a cheery apology from the council before they moved on to try it on with the next victim.
  14. How's that? The ones that we used, for example, made it known that it had professional indemnity insurance and assuring us that they are covered. Secondly, why would a solicitor be any less of a risk? Heaps of them have ripped clients off and the clients have lost out. I personally know one who's driving a taxi down Frankston way these days who left a lot of people broke.

    My daughter says the same about conveyancers. I think that it's more professional jealousy than anything else. We had no hassles, nor were there any reported from the other side (my daughter's old firm acted for the vendor's bank) so I know a few of the people there personally.
  15. Conveyancers FTW! I can really recommend East Coast Conveyancing if you have one locally.
    Nothing was too hard for them, lots of phone calls confirming things, fast and on the ball.
    There's really not a whole lot to regular conveyancing, and frankly, if a solicitor stuffed me around like the OP, I would be pursuing it.
    There are plenty of solicitors around, it's easier than becoming a proper lawyer.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. When we first put our original house on the market we used a conveyencer.
    We sold our house and put a deposit down for a second house, only to have the deal fall through.. :twisted: We eventually sold again and then bought the house we are in now. But get this, we couldnt work out why we werent getting any documents and stuff in the mail to sign etc.. Well they were sending it the the address of the first house we put the deposit on, the one that fell through.. :?
  17. We've got a mortgage broker who is friends with the family, and he's doing a great job, about the only one who is. He's trying to hold the parties together but it's extremely frustrating. We even had the agent arguing that my partners middle name (the letter K) isn't legitimate, then the bank had issues with it (three times), contracts have been re-drafted so many times, the bank even refused their own at one stage (that's when the hysterical laughter kicked in).

    Must just be the Canberra/QBN market then?? All my mates have had dramas galore.