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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by PreviousUser8, May 28, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if someone could explain compliance to me.

    I was looking at the sumoto site and they say 88 - compliance 2006.

    Does it mean that the bike was built in '88 but not registered until 2006? The bikes don't list a mileage so are they new (as in unused?).. what's the bike been doing since '88??? lol

    I know it's probably a stupid question.


  2. it means it was built in 88 but it was made to comply with our ADR's in 2006.

    The bike is imported from overseas.

    It's the bikes that are thrown away overseas and are bought by the likes of Sumoto.

    Make them comply, spray them in pretty colours and sell them as 2006 models.

    Most bikes are built from bits and pieces and have high mileage on them. You are never guaranteed that what numbers are on the clock is the correct mileage for that bike.
  3. Sumoto import their motorbikes from japan. There isn't a market for the bikes over there, so its easier to sell them here. When the bikes come here, they need to be checked out to meet the legal requirements of the law, and when it does, it gets complianced.

    A compliance year just means the year that it was checked out to be ok to register here, and a lot of 250 sportish bikes get sold as a 2006 model, even though it might have been made in 1989 and complainced in 06.

    I have heard a lot of bad opinions about sumoto, and i find them to be over-priced. I do however like some of the rvf400 designs they have on their bikepoint site.
  4. OK, hope nobody from Sumoto reads this but.........

    DONT DO IT !!!!!!!!!!

    Take it from someone who bought a bike from them and learnt the lesson the hard way.
    Seriously, I bought a 93 ZZR250 from them. Had nothing but problems with it from the start.
    Since then, have heard lots of bad things.
    As for the prices, I was told that for the price I paid for the ZZR from them, I could have bought a brand new one from the Kawasaki place in the city.
    Look around and you will find some great deals.
    I just bought by Triumph from Peter Stevens and I would thoroughly recommend them, and theyre also open to a bit of haggling ! :)
  5. Thanks for your replies, I now understand about compliance. :grin:

    I shall stay away from Sumoto as well. I guess I was a little taken in by the pretty colours and the fact that they had heaps of bikes listed. A classic 'girl' moment. My bad. :oops:
  6. I wouldn't buy from Sumoto but i do recommend going there as its a great place to go and sit on lots of different bikes.

    Then you can go looking for the style/make that you like for the right price.
  7. I'm from Tassie so I there isn't much point in me going to Melbourne to sit on bikes when I walk 1km down the road and do it.

    Having said that - I hear wonderful things about Elizabeth St and would love to spend a day wandering around, checking things out. I'll have to wait and see about a trip across the great water. I have to tempt someone to come with me. (to help me carry all the stuff I end up buying. I'm only allowed 20kgs on the flight! pfft)
  8. I have been told that compliance is a "legal re-birthing" of a vehicle. That means the 1988 manufactured bike was taken to Australia and has had various parts replaced for new (eg a complianced vehicle must have new tyres installed and indicators that meet Australian standards, I don't know about the other details though).

    The complianced year is what appears on the rego papers i.e. it will say 2006 model on the registration papers. Complianced bikes are good if they are fixed up properly and priced well i.e. at least half price. Otherwise it isn't worth it and just get a new one
  9. And that my dear is exactly the type of customer that they love. ;)