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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Dirrin, May 19, 2007.

  1. Hi guys i know all the basic in and outs on compliance but i went looking at a few bikes today (ZXR250's) the ones i looked at today were both Grey and had build dates of '03 (which as far as i know are the same as the ZXR250C's but were built in malaysia later on from a whole heap of parts that were lying around) my point is both that i looked at had a compliance plate done by "European Thunder Down Under Tours" and the 1st one had BALIUS ZR250 on the plate and the other had comp in 03/03 but the date stamped on the vin plate and the actual bike said 04.

    Long story short can someone tell me how to read comp plates ? and are they wrong alot or do these to look dodgey as

    Also can someone confim the malaysia thing with the ZXR250's i can't find alot of info about it

  2. hey. i have a balius, zr250. apparently, its a "detuned version" of the zx2r, so its a less powerful bike. can't help you with understanding the compliance (i only know its safer not buying a grey import) but the balius is a differnt bike to the zx2r. not sure if this helped you at all, but good luck.
  3. when it comes to imported bikes they ONLY people to talk to
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