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Compliance/Rego confusion....?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Snicko, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    Bought my first bike friday afternoon (RVF400), and have been out yesterday and today getting some practice on it. I have had it insured, now just waiting to go to Vic Roads tomorrow and have it transferred to my name.

    Now, I had a friend come around today, another RVF owner and he was checking it out and came across a something strange. The compliance plate on the bike says it's a 1997 VFR400. What the?

    Upon inspection of the rego sticker, it doesn't have LAMS on it, and also says 1997 RVF400. But RVF's were only made from 94-96. So now I'm totally confused, and am scared I could have just bought myself a non-LAMs, VFR.....dodgey.....I don't know what I bought. How I failed to see both these things when first going to look at the bike (before buying) then the person that came to inspect the next time I'm not quite sure.

    Anyway, my mate checked out the chassis and engine number are pointing to it being an RVF so why on earth do I have a compliance plate saying it's a 1997 VFR? Is it because it was missing it's own somewhere down the track and then someone was dodgey and just whacked a VFR one on? Or has the importer ((who I've tried ringing today (NSR Imports) but the number is disconnected)) and then Vic roads has then gone and made there own mistake reading from the comliance plate, and got all jumbled and put 1997 RVF.

    I'm guessing if I had come off yesterday and today that the cover note from QBE would now be void because it's not the bike that I originally told them it was (it's apparently an VFR), and it's not LAMS approved thanks to the rego sticker.

    Anyway, I now seem to have what appears to be a non-LAMs complianced and registrated bike sitting in my garage.

    Can anyone please shed some light on what might have happened? And how I go about fixing the debarkle that I now seem to be in?
  2. it means that that was when it was first registered, i believe.
  3. Tend to agree

    My compliance plate said November 1998 on my R1 but was registered as a 1999 model as it was first registered 6 months after being built
  4. unsure on the "lams" thing for rego sticker - just call (EDIT: vicroads )and check.
  5. I think the confusion is to do with RVF/VFR.
    The bike is what the comp plate says it is especially if the engine number hasntbeen altered. Tell VicRoads they stuffed up.
    IIRC all RVF400's are LAMS bikes
  6. Okay, so the 1997 could just mean that was when it was first registered.

    But I still haven't got past the issue of the compliance plate saying it's a VFR. Because VFR's aren't LAMs approved so if I went into VicRoads and they needed to check the bike before transferring the rego and giving me a new rego then what? They're going to say it's not LAM's approved, or do they go by the engine/frame number. I'm inclined to think they'd go for the comp plate. Or, what happens if insurance decides not to cover me because I'm riding a VFR (says the comp plate) and that means I'm not following the conditions of my license?
  7. insurance will cover - the bike is clearly not a VFR. call vicroads.
  8. Alright. I'll speak to them when I go in to hand in my transfer of reg forms.

  9. Would your bike be a grey import???

    In that case the importer would do Aus compliance the bike when it landed in Australia...
  10. good point and they generally give the bikes a name of their own choosing
  11. Does the Rego label have LAMS on it?

    If so, you're in the clear with regards to that.
  12. :) here you go
  13. A bike is what it says on the compliance plate, which is usually around the headstem area. No ifs, ands or butts, full stop, new sentance, end of story.

    I had a confuzzle with the RTA about my XR600R. Says on the rego that its an XR400, but they looked up the code and its got all the right stats for an XR600 (engine capacity, frame number etc) so its just beurocratic labelling.

    They were quite helpful in at the office, I'd just take the papers down and go have a chat, or ring up and enquire. I'm sure theres an official process for this.

    Cheers - boingk
  14. tl;dr
  15. The vin number stamped on the frame of the bike will tell you what it is
    If it has NC35 in the number it is an RVF
    If it has NC30 in the number it is a VFR
  16. Went in today to VicRoads, and was told he can't change it the rego and that it must have just been a stuff up by the person who complied it, and said to go speak to someone who can recomply it.

    It does say NC35 on both the frame and the engine number also had NC35, and it does appear to be an RVF.


    So now I have to go about finding someone who can comply bikes (thinking that going to International Motorcycle Importers in Ferntree Gully might be the go).

    If anyone knows anything more, or where I can go to get a the bike re-complied, that'd be helpful as yeah, like I said, I'm a bit lost now that VicRoads say's they can't say it's LAMs approved until I have a bike that says RVF.

  17. Hey Snicko,

    Just take your bike to Danny at IMI and have chat with him - he is most helpful.
    As stated previously, the bike would have been complied in 97' but some twit has put VFR on the plate. Also ask Danny about the numbers and letters printed on your headstem before the NC35 code. Never seen that before. Had a great ride on Sunday and hope all goes well. d
  18. This is what I would do
    We got both our RVF's from Danny he is very helpful
  19. Went into IMI today and was told I should speak to the Department of Motor Vehicles cause they are the one who deals with compliance or something.