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Compliance plates

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ken, May 11, 2011.

  1. So how many people have after market exhaust on their bikes.
    How many of you have a compliance plate for the formentioned exhaust?
    So the point is I need a compliance plate as I got defected today for a missing plate on my exhaust.
    Is it possible to buy the plates to put on your self.

    Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated

  2. nope not possible. to get the mod plate you need to get the bike tested and have it fall within db limits and the tester will supply and fit the plate.
    which will cost you more than the exhaust.
    just chuck on a factory exhaust, get it tested (and cleared) and be on your way
  3. They are not needed any more.


    In July 2000, the Environmental Protection Authority (now part of the Dept of Environment and Conservation) introduced a retrospective law demanding that aftermarket replacement motorcycle exhausts be specially labelled and then authorised the Police to issue fines of $200 to riders who didn’t have this label.

    In it’s justification, the then EPA claimed this labelling requirement allowed the Police and EPA officers to readily identify less effective mufflers that may exceed the prescribed noise limits

    EPA made no provision by which riders could obtain such a label. Riders referred to this law as “the sticker tax”.

    However, after 6 years of protest by the Motorcycle Council of NSW, Clause 19 from the Protection of the Environment Operations Regulation has now been repealed
  4. Yeah I remember a while back it was repealed just after a mate of mine had to pay an exhaust company 2 cases of beer to move their Db machine further away from his bike so it would pass after an initial fail lol (after he got defected for the noise and told it was illegal without a compliance plate)

    They popriveted that plate to his exhaust, and it lasted around 12months before it vibrated apart and he lost it (leaving x2 small holes in the exhaust) He was well impressed.... but by that stage the plate was no longer a requirement anyway.