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Compliance Plates

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ninja03, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Guys, long story short im looking to purchase a 92 davidson through private sale. Bike is squeeky clean, low kms and genuine seller. only problem is the compliance plate isnt attatched to the bike. The seller has it loose and says when he bought it brand new they gave it to him like that and his never got around to mounting it on. Does this sound dodgy? If the plate info matches wats on the engine and what vic roads has on their records should it be ok?

    cheers guys

  2. ummmm no. it must be solidly attached and not removable eg pop rivets
  3. Do you mean it must be pop rivets or it can't be pop rivets? 'Cos the CPs on both my K100 frames are attached with 'em. Not to mention those on the DR and the Ural and most of the car CPs I've seen.
  4. The regs say they have to be "tamper proof" rivets.
    Not sure what those are exactly, but I'm guessing they're not you're garden variety Bunnings pop-rivet.

    "Hammer drive" screws or welding are also acceptable (glue is not).

    If the plate's not attached then the vehicle's considered as not having one - though that only affects new registrations or a change of rego (you can renew rego without a compliance plate fitted).
    You should definitely check that the details on the plate you were given actually match the frame/engine numbers of the bike though, as it should never have been able to be registered without that plate fitted.
  5. Compliance plates are usually attached by the manufacturer,
    I have never heard of plates being handed to the buyer,
  6. It's possible it was a grey market import, some of those had oridinary pop rivets attaching the compliance plates and they aren't very durable.

    Another possibility is that the bike has been in a serious accident and had the frame repaired or replaced.

    A third option is that the bike/engine have been 'rebirthed' (perhaps stolen, perhaps written off).

    I would be steering clear of the bike personally.
  7. nah i mean it has to be pop-rivet, wire-rivets etc, not self tappers which can be removed in 5 seconds (though any kind of rivet can be drilled out though that's not the point)