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Compliance plate scraped off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rob1010, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. I was riding around king Edward park in newy and cars in front were going about 5kmh and I cut the corner too close and scraped the bottom of the frame on the gutter.

    I kept riding - didn't want to look at what damaged I caused ](*,)

    At a set of lights, I poked my head down and noticed the compliance plate was missing, I rode back to the scene and fortunately it was still there.

    The plate is bent a little and the first set of numbers that are printed on the plate are only half legible, the stamped section is fine, as is the build date and the model and category.

    What's the go here, can compliance plates be reissued ?

    Or is my bike likely to be always a suspected rebirth because of the damage now to the plate ?


  2. You scraped a gutter and the compliance plate fell off??? Where was the compliance plate mounted? Sounds suspicious and i think that the bike will always be suspected as stolen.
  3. You might need to have a word with the RTA. See what they say. I'm sure if you've recovered the plate they'll be able to confirm that it's all correct.
  4. Compliance plate down low??? I've never heard of this one.... EVER!
  5. I thought they were always up the top.... you must have scraped hard for it to fall off. I think you'd need the RTA to re-issue one or something... that is a strange one.
  6. On the CB400 it's attached on the lower frame. RHS just under the engine. Tis a silly place indeed.
  7. Lol, can only agree now. From what I've read, they don't reissue them, got my P's test on Tuesday, wonder if my bike isn't legit now
  8. Put it back on. If its damaged go to an engraver get them to make a new one and put it back on.
  9. Yes, I'd front up to your appropriate road traffic authority (eg Vic Roads). That might result in a very bad outcome, but most there'll be some way of sorting it. It's certainly not your fault that they are fitting the plates in a position that puts them at a high and foreseeable risk of damage.
  10. To prevent this, refuse to give them your name or the bike's rego. How hard would it be to spot weld back on?
  11. Take a look at how badly that compliance plate is banged up. Indeed it looks like the numbers themselves are ripped into. If you were the next buyer would you buy this or the other one down the road with a good plate?

    Fix it now and avoid future problems, I say.

    Anothee option is to approach Honda. It's their (I assume) dodgy placement that resulted in this.
  12. No, no, no! The RTA is likely to try to put the bike off the road by calling it a statutory write-off!

    Talk to the bike's manufacturer first! They might be able to put together a new compliance plate for you, inspect the bike (to check that the VIN details are correct), and rivet the new one on for you... At a price, of course... Although, technically, they're not really supposed to do this...
  13. What sort of world do we live in?

    There won't be an accusations of rebirthing that's just plain silly. You are person with no ill dealings or criminal record, you have a valid license, you have current registration and insurance, your engine numbers and frame numbers match your registration records, it all fits together. There's nothing rebirth about this at all.