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Completely OT: Di Fingleton compensated

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hornet, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. Whatever your political leanings, the compensation and re-instatement of Di Fingleton is welcome and long-overdue news. This lady was wrongly accused, wrongly tried, wrongly imprisoned and shabbily treated. Her vindication today is a triumph of natural justice and a ray of hope for other who are also wrongly treated by our justice system.
    I do not think this needs to be replied to or discussed, nor argued about, simply it needs to be celebrated, and with the permission of the administrators, I would like to do that.

  2. <AOL> what he said </AOL>
  3. My question is who gives a?
    Rich magistrate gets compo for being wroingly accused.
    How many lay people get the same opportunity?
  4. I do not think this needs to be replied to or discussed, nor argued about, simply it needs to be celebrated
    if you can't, or don't want to, why comment at all???
  5. Moron!

    (go for it!)
  6. hehehehehehehehe and if thats going to happen on here :LOL:

    $275,000 tax free after legal fee's , you can lock me up, every 2 years for 6 months .
  7. I have one answer to that Moike ;-)

  8. And let you back to a lesser job after two years unemployment and just give you the back pay you would have got, less legal expenses?

    You haven't spent much time in prison, have you?

    (of course, the damage to your reputation wouldn't amount to much.... :D
  9. I'm not touching that!
  10. Compensation is partly (often mostly) related to ones lost (and potentially lost) income.

    So If I earn $60,000 a year and Di Fengleton earns about $225,000 a year then she's going to recieve almost 4 times as much lost earnings related compensation as me... and honestly... what other way could one do it?

    And yes, I know about pain and suffering and punative damages... but those aren't so relevant here, since it appears she has chosen not to go down the path of a punative damages claim.
  11. Good for her, shes actually a friend of my fathers. It really dosen't justify the effect it will have on her career but hopefully its a start.
  12. So Hornet, you believed her? [edited due to wrong name here originally]

    Sorry I didn't.

    She is off because there was no hard evidence. Does not mean the allegation was not true or partialy so. Just means it could not be proved beyond what they call reasonable doubt.

    There are many cases of people wrongly convicted, yes, but there are also many people "Not guilty" due to lack of evidence of sufficient level.

    [edit two for typos not seen at 1st edit]
  13. marty, I understand that, but I didn't want it to degenerate into a slanging match, and my restatement of what I had said in my original post was specifically directed at smee, not you, or others in general. In retrospect it was probably not such a good idea........
  14. Yes, she came across as a very impressive and interesting person.

    You can see how she might have made enemies in the magistracy, though. I think some middle-aged males would find a strong intelligent woman with a sense of humour very very threatening.

    Idiots. :roll:
  15. MODS can we pull this thread please??? I apologise for bringing it up, and it's only going to result in people having shots at each other over something that is not motorcycle related.
  16. You often have trouble reading stuff?
    There was no question of evidence.
    It doesn't matter whether you believe her or not.
    She should never have been charged or convicted. The law grants her immunity from prosecution while performing her job.
  17. Horn, in all fairness, you put this post up and now it will run it's course. Don't bother asking for it to be removed while people are having a resonable discussion about it, it's not likely to happen. The simple fact you "told" people not to post to it is enough to ensure we will. ;)
  18. That Atomic Whacking Stick can be used both ways, you know!!!