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Completely COMPLETELY off topic......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. ... Harvey Norman P/L has just announced to the staff of Coles Myer's Megamart stores that they have bought them out, the doors close on Friday.

  2. are you serious ?

    where did you hear/read that ? What/who's your source ?

    News Release from Coles Myer Ltd
    Wednesday, 9 November 2005
    Coles Myer today announced that it had entered into a conditional agreement for the divestment of six Megamart stores to Harvey Norman, with the remaining three stores to close.
    All nine stores will cease trading as Megamart on November 13.
    Stores at Alexandria in Sydney; Chadstone, Fountain Gate, Sunshine and Thomastown in Melbourne and Coorparoo in Brisbane will be acquired by Harvey Norman on November 23.
    Sub-letting will be pursued in regard to stores at Auburn and Casula in Sydney and Perth City.
    Coles Myer CEO John Fletcher said the previously announced provision of $56 million after tax was expected to cover the divestment and closure costs.
    He said that Harvey Norman had indicated an interest in securing Megamart team members to fill available roles in the six stores it was taking over. Team members would also be given priority for available roles at Myer and other CML brands.
    Further information:
    Media: Scott Whiffin 03 9829 5548
    Analysts: John Di Tirro 03 9829 4520
  4. I take it this effects you doonks??
  5. Doonks my info was from a former manager who was told early this morning by a current employee, info I was quite prepared to trust. :D
    Sad for the employees this close to Christmas, and also sad for those who would probably have liked to blame the Prime Minister for it, but can't :LOL:
  6. Maybe there will be some specials now for clearing stock.
  7. Well looks like Coles Myer are starting to offload the dead wood in thier business. Bit of a shame for the marketplace, one less competitor for Havey Norman to worry about. Not too many big players left in this market.
  8. Steve it was a disaster from the beginning anyway, a hopeless attempt to compete with the H.N. juggernaut.

    The store in Alexandria in Sydney's south is in a prime industrial area and no-one lives within a 5 kay radius; most days it is empty and staying open till 9:00pm every night and all weekends never did compensate for being in the wrong position. Dumb management and dumb placement.
  9. Never shop at HN or Megamart anyway...well not for computer stuf.

    Can't stand brand name PC's for individual use... they're no where as future proof as a no name beige box (assuming you got to reliable PC builder that is)

    still its only gonna make HN even bigger in the market

    bad placement and merket research seems to kill a lot of enterprises in Australia.... doesn't anyone do analysis anymore??
  10. no, luckily. But it does affect people i know
  11. Yeah Megamart, Harvey Norman, all these types of stores tend to deal with middle-of-the-road products anyway. If you're buying a stereo, PC or digicam from them, you probably don't know what you're looking for anyway.

    Far better to get out and about the chop shops in the city and pick things up cheap from people who have probably put them together themselves and know what they're on about.
  12. I LOVE your gross generalisations !!!!
  13. Well then, its lucky we have WORK CHOICES coming in to help all those people on the block get new positions then eh?
  14. Hey all,
    I have had first hand experience with the service on offer at the MegaMart at Coorparoo (Brisbane), I live in Coorparoo.

    To say it was crap is being generous,

    went there twice,

    First for a fridge,
    Second for a DVD VCR Combo.

    First Time,
    Wanted a New Pigdeon Pair Fridge and Freezer
    Knew what we needed and had the money to spend,
    and had an idea of what was for sale.
    Sales Person,
    "we might have something like that, I will go and check and get a prices"
    10 Minutes later,
    Find another member of staff,
    ask where first one went,
    "sorry he's on a break now"
    It went on, will not bore you with the rest,
    I left with, my money and no fridge.

    So Sorry to the staff who will lose their jobs,
    No doubt not all the staff had the same attitude, as the several I met.

  15. ROFL...

    A few years back in my previous life as an IT manager I put out a tender for 500 PCs. We'd had some flack for not going to the local suppliers (The "Kung-Fu Computer Company of Springvale" type of supplier :LOL: ) so we got in about a dozen of the better ones from suppliers to evaluate.

    All but one had serious faults and didn't perform anywhere up to spec. Several didn't work at all. Now bear in mind that these suppliers knew that these were evaluation machines and had supposedly set them up and tested them before hand. :roll

    One supplier managed a decent machine that conformed to the specs that he claimed. As it turned out he couldn't deliver what we needed anyway.

    Bearing in mind though that I've had nasty experiences with tier one suppliers as well - just not quite as nasty as that one - my recommendation is get someone you trust to put it together for you...

  16. C'monnnnn.... The "anything shop of springvale" is bound to be dodgy. And if you're buying 500 units, none of the places I'm talking about would be able to handle that volume.

    But for a single PC or a digital camera, the little shops around the city (your green guide advertising type) pump out ridiculous deals with proper warranties. Would you go into Megamart and buy something for yourself? You'd be paying hundreds of dollars extra.

  17. I've heard, seen and had plenty of that happen too, but I've also worked for small companies that can out perform the big ones... it just depends on who's running the joint, how dedicated they are, and mainly how your workshop/test system is set-up... As with all workshops, ask if you can have a look in there etc. if they wont then its most likely dodge, if they will then they are proud of what they have and are happy to showoff to secure their business... The best company I've built for had a 24 hr burn-in that all machines went through, and if anything faulted it was replaced before it left the shop without question and we worked out weather the parts were broken or not later... Unfortunately you just need a bit of cash to get these set-ups rolling properly so the average backyard "kung-fu" shop never bothers to get near that quality... I prefer to just build my own, its cheap and worth the extra hassle for the $1k i spare each pc...
  18. For a digital camera or out of the box item - yes. For a PC no. It was the Green Guide type shops I went to.

    Whether they could handle the volumes or not is beside the point - we never even got to discussing that. The machines we evaluated were not up to the advertised specs. If they can't put together a machine with their advertised specs with the carrot of big future sales, then why should I trust them on a single machine over the counter?

    I wouldn't buy from Megamart, I'd put one together myself (or look for a cheap nearly new second hand one and up-spec it, which is what I've usually done.)

    There are a lot of good suppliers out there but I defy anyone wiith no knowledge to pick them. The level of skills here is way above what is generally out there.

    There used to be a saying that there are three different quality levels of computer.

    In ascending order of quality:
    What you'd choose for yourself.
    What you'd recommend to a friend.
    What you'd buy for work.

    Personally I'd make damn sure whatever I recommend to a friend is very high quality because I know who gets to fix it... :LOL:

  19. Aint that the truth!!!
  20. Comment on Harvey Norman taking over the Megamart leases.

    When Megamart set up 7 years ago Gerry Harvey said they would never make money because they don’t know what they are doing.

    Seven years later and Megamart never made a profit and lost $35.8m last year and cost $56m to close down.

    Coles Myer are looking at selling their 61 Myer stores as well for about $700m. 20 parties have expressed an interest.