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Complete & utter bike noob here *be gentle*

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ShadowGT, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hello peoples :) if the title didnt give it away i'm new here & know nothing about riding a motorbike but i've been wanting to learn for ages. I'm hoping to atleast be on my L's before the end of the year but it's all dependent on me finding some work first as im currently unemployed & buying my first bike. Hopefully i'll be able to make some new bike riding friends off here once i get settled :)

    So yeah......thats me lol hahaha

  2. Good luck with the saving and welcome to the forums!
  3. Good luck in the job hunt, hopefully you reach the goal before the years end ;)
  4. Welcome to NR. What sort of work are you looking for?
  5. well i'm hopefully starting a tafe course in july (cert 4 & diploma of IT) as eventually id like work in the IT industry (networking not graphic design) but at the moment id do any part time job that pays so i can study & work towards getting my bike (i want a Honda CBR250RR) & learning to ride it. frankly finding work even if it is part time has been very hard for me as i was a school leaver & have no skills.
  6. Welcome mate to NR..,=D> anything is possible ,save hard and you will reach your goal.,,at the mean time do consider other bikes and have a sit on to get the feel...

    Good luck...,
  7. Good luck man :)
  8. You've got heaps to look forward to ShadowGT - sounds like you're in for a big year!

    Good luck with the study and job search; stick with it and you will make it for sure.

    Welcome to NR!

  9. Hi ShadowGT, welcome to the party!
    I'm in Melbourne too, so will be sure to see you on a ride day in the near future.
    I think a lot of the building/construction companies are looking for their new mid-year intakes.
    Or some cash-in-hand cafe/restaurant work would suit you for time, seeing as you're a student and all?
  10. Thanks guys (and girl :)) I'll be sure to keep my eyes out for some work so i can speed up getting my License & bike.
  11. Good luck with all of it!!!!!=D>
    keep focused on the bike dream, it took me about 20 years to achieve getting my bike, 250 cruiser, yep, I'm an oldie, maybe old enough to be your Mum??? lol
    60 when I finally got my "Ls" 61, full licence.
    This site is great for riders, learners especially.
    The learner rides are the best as you get heaps of advice from experienced riders as well as learners, yep, SOMETIMES us learners can help the learners as we're still at the same language level when it comes to bike talk.
    All the guys/gals on here are extremely patient and will go out of their way to help if they can.
    I went on a learner ride last week, and was very fortunate to have an experienced rider mentor me almost all of the way there, got some great advise.
    Cheers heather
  12. Crown Casino is always hiring. Have a look on crownjobs.com.au and see if there's anything that suits you. They hire trainee dealers almost all year round, and we get babied pretty well. Starting rate oooof...uhh I think it's be $21p/h or so atm, 5 weeks full time paid training, free food, free laundry service, uniform provided. No homework after training, clock in and out and never have to think about the next shift until you're there. If you do decide to apply, let me know and I'll give you my employee I.D to use as a referee, this jumps you ahead of those who haven't been referred.
  13. Welcome Shadow, and good luck with everything...
    Mrs Kreeper did those same courses a while ago and has been happily employed on a Helpdesk since, so I can thoroughly recommend them.
  14. Gurbachen that would mean alot if you was able to help me like that :) if you'd like to PM me your I.D & anything else i may need i'll defiantly be applying. I am a bit of a shy person but a job like that could be just the perfect thing to bring me out of my shell :)

    Also thats great to hear Nitekreeper. I'f i could get a helpdesk job or work in a computer store out of the course it would be great.

    Thanks guys you've all been really welcoming :)
  15. Welcome to Netrider! I enjoyed the IT Diploma when I did it, if computers are your thing - you'll have a blast. Good luck with the job and bike hunting! :D
  16. I fixed it for you. ;)

    Good luck with saving for your bike and learning lots of bike related stuff and skills out in the job world!