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Complete set up for Women?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mischiefmaka, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. Hi...
    Im going to travel down to AMX this week to buy a full riding kit but i have a few questions, I have very little knowledge on riding gear so the sales team will probably see me coming so was chasing a little heads up from you guys b4 i head down there ;)

    1- As im a complete Newbie i wanted to know what the brands are that i should steer clear of and what brands people recommend ?

    2- Textile gear is it safe enough? How robust are the jeans and jackets etc ( probably should mention that im a Vegetarian so id obviously prefer the leather alternative)

    3- Is there any sort of unspoken guide to what you should wear in relation to what sort of bike you ride? Like i know the sports bike riders have lots of bright colours and stuff ( not a look you would see HD riders wearing) and is this clothing brand specific?

    4- Helmets...Ill be buying a full face helmet but wanted to know if there is anything i should know regarding brands, visors etc...

    5- Can you buy " job lots" where you walk in and they will deck you out in matching gear?
    Is motorbike gear like everything else in life * cost more for womens gear than mens? *
    Id basically like a feminine look perhaps white with pink or even black with pink..

    and last but not least
    6- What should i expect to pay for a middle range set up?

    Thanks in advance ;) really appreciate the help.
  2. get membership and go to the Bikemart night. Buy what fits, or ask and any one of the NR members would be happy to show up and help(Not all of us are nefarious though).

    You buy what you want, there are plenty of options. Make sure you get a Ventilated Jacket though, good gloves, and some decent boots. Not every helmet fits every head, so try on all you can. What budget do you have? what bike do you have? etc... You can get a winter jacket later, or maybe find a bargain now. Try and be sure its a good fit, and the armor is in the right spot. Draggin's and the like are an alternative, as are some of the Textile pants. Draggins Ideally need some extra armor, you can get a set of Knee protection for $50(ish). IIRC you can get Vegetarian approved Leathers, though they were expensive(Natural death animals).

    I have an Rjay's Striker and my trusty old Nolan. A few of the "Dearer" helmets wouldn't fit properly for me.
  3. If your planning on going to AMX in Tullamarine I think you'll find that you won't be able to get everything from there. Their stock is somewhat limited in range and sizing.

    You'd be better off heading to Peter Stevens or Bikemart...

    Now as for what to get - In my (limited) experiance I've found you will get decent protection from most known brands but you'll be paying the extra $$ for quality and comfort/fit.

    The sales guys should be able to help you out with whats good and whats crap but you'll need to try on a bunch of items to find out what fits well and is comfortable.
  4. helmets, go to a few shops and try on all different makes.....you will find each one fits different head shapes.....once you find a comfy helmet then start looking at the graphics that they come in...

    As for the rest of it, generally the more $$$ the nicer the fit can be also be better quality.....you could also try starider gear it's made local and from what i am told some of there gear is more shaped to females cuts bikemart last time i was in there has started to carry a woman's section of riding gear aswell.

    Imo the AMX is good if you know what you are looking for and how much things retail for

    Cheers stewy
  5. IF you are new go to bikemart. AMX usually has old stock and the prices arent really that good unless your are looking at pretty crappy gear, plus the service is pathetic compared to bikemart.
  6. Thanks guys...

    My budget well i dont wanna be a tight arse with my safety im only spending around 4k on the 1st bike ( probably an Intruder at this stage) so i was hoping $1500 would be enough to get some gear?

    So these knee protectors do they go under the jeans? My friend just wears kevlar jeans but she is bigger than me and buys the mens stuff so she has a lot more options open to her i guess....

    Yes Tulla was where i was heading ( well keilor?) They told me they would have everything i needed in the one spot but i guess their not going to tell me anything different are they?

    Thera ..where is Bikemart? Im out at Bendigo
    and theres nothing wrong with being nefarious :p
  7. If i need to spend more than $1500 then im happy to do so, im happy to pay for good quality stuff that looks nice , fits well and is quality rated...

    Ill only be riding on the weekends but i do want to be comfortable, stylish and safe..is that asking too much of bike gear? If i spending that sort of money i wouldn't have though so?
  8. its in ringwood, there are 3 major bike shops within 50meters so you should be able to get all your gear between those 3.

    either that or head into the city. there is another few large shops right next to eachother.

    1500 is plenty for gear, you could get by with 1k easy enough if budget is tight. 400 helmet + 200 jeans + 100 gloves + 300 boots.

    but shop around and try plenty of stuff on. theres nothing worse than boots that pinch or helmets that don't fit right
  9. Hi Slick,
    You didnt include costing for a jacket...
    100 bucks for gloves? wow the stuffs not cheap but i guess it has an important job so i wont begrudge paying for Quality ...
    Ringwood was mentioned by my dad so im assuming he must have meant Bikemart , Perhaps ill give the AMX a miss and keep on driving to ringwood thanks for that.

    I have a small head wore a small helmet for my learners so im guessing that small is as small as they come so ill try to find the best fitting one i can...

    Im going to look up bikemart and see if they have a store online so i can get a head start ;)
  10. Try Neds jeans, their kevlar is in the denim (cooler) and have survived a 4 second rub, they also make a female cut unlike all other larger brands.

    Available from the net, Mrs Hardhat loves hers.
  11. my winter jacket cost $200, the summer one cost $130, but it was $70 off. so non leather aim for $200. You can get cheaper gloves, but most of those are leather, so I wouldn't skimp on a set of textile ones.

    Ringwood is probably another 30 minutes from AMX, but unlike Ringwood, there isn't another shop next to the AMX to compare prices. Elizabeth street in the city is good as slick mentioned, but NR has a shop night through Bikemart, where you can pick up some really good specials. Membership costs $10(iirc) for life. Think you'll find details in the Vic Rides section..
  12. Thanks Hardhat ill look that up now. ;)
  13. you could ring bike mart and line everything up on the phone then turn up to try it on etc. they also respond to e-mails.
  14. You know I am having an off day. add about 4-500 for that and theres your 1500
  15. When we decked out my girlfriend, she insisted that nothing should look "over-girly". The reasoning was quite sound - she didn't want to stand out as a female (although her pony tail gives it away) and possibly generate too much unwanted interest on the road. That meant no pinks, floral pattens etc. There's plenty of gear tailored to women that doesn't scream "I'm a female" without looking like an outlaw bikie.

    PS. She has the Intruder and is very happy with it.
  16. Hi Blaise ( nice nic btw )
    I thought looking like a woman might get me a little more room on the road? yanno the whole " woman cant drive/ ride" deal LOL so i thought people would be more inclined to give me space....
    Plus i figured a bit of pink would be seen easier and drivers would know im there....

    Im never doing Florals for anyone for any reason but i do like a bit of pink :p I found a nice jacket i like its mainly black with a pink stripe on it..
    Figured id team that with black pants and a black helmet with a bit of pink in it and im looking co ordinated

    I have long hair also so no hiding im a chick besides ill be given away when i pull up at lights and whip the helmet off so i can re apply the lippy lol
  17. I recently swapped a mainly dark outfit for black leather pants, black & pink leather jacket, with white & pink patterened helmet.

    Originally, I didn't want to send out a "I am female" message while out on my bike, but since making the changes, I have found both drivers and other riders to be quite a bit more considerate on the roads.... and the nods keep coming!! :p
  18. Thats what im talkin bout Tweetster.... Go the GIRL POWER!
  19. :dance:

    (the message you have entered is too short......)
  20. Lets be honest now - Bikemart have a fairly limited range of ladies gear (no more than most other stores though).

    In general ladies gear is no more expensive than mens - the only issue you will have is finding a place with a decent selection of stock.

    For the love of god please dont get all matching gear.

    If you are an odd size good luck finding a good fit at AMX :(