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Complete Rookie from Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rookie83, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. Hi All,
    Steve here. Almost a Complete rookie to the world of motorcycling from Brisbane Northside. Have been darting around the streets of Brissie for the last 3 years on a 50cc vespa, which has been heaps of fun. but time to upgrade.
    All booked in for my Qride test next week and and am excited and nervous at the same time.
    Looking forward to getting that under my belt and then going through the fun of picking out my first bike, of which there is an extremely long list of "maybes" still.
    Exciting times ahead.
    Looks like there's heaps of great info and useful stuff on this site so I've got some reading to do. :)

  2. Welcome buddy, hope u do good in your test. We were all abit nervous mate. Youll be alright. After all u have managed to tame that beastly 50cc Vespa ;-)
  3. Howdy and welcome to NR Rookie83Rookie83 . Have fun on the Qride and more choosing your first bike! :D
  4. Thanks #basejumper . The Vespa did take a while to tame.
    #Goldenberri its a minefield out there, so many to chose from. but guess thats all part of the fun.
    Doing my Qride at Ridesmart in Michelton and heard some good things about the guys over there so hopefully ill be the owner of an RE licence by the end of next week. :)
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  5. G'day SteveSteve and welcome to Netrider. All the best with your rider test next week and bike search.