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Complete Noob- Tips?!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Roxxie, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys, I just joined up here as I got my L's 6 months ago, and bought my Honda CBF250 2 days ago! I haven't riden inbetween as I couldn't get to the centres very easy on public transport... The issue is, now I need to get out on the road but I'm being chicken! I live on Beaconsfield Parade so it's crazy busy, with no little side streets down here to practice... Any tips- other that just get out there? Going to head to some of the learner things around here once I get my confidence back! :oops:

  2. Well if you want some tips get down to the Learners session in Elwood, its only a few K from you. Starts around 10.00am every Saturday, weather permitting. There is more information here.. https://netrider.net.au/threads/vic...-rider-basic-skills-practice-sessions.115150/

    If you are not confident to ride there, post up on later in the week (Thursday or Friday) and someone will offer to guide you there.

    You will get plenty of valuable information and advice to get you going and help keep you safe.
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  3. Ah awesome! I'll have a read up etc. I just don't want to turn up to something that says Learner but is maybe a little more advanced. Good tip on the post later in the week, I'll see who's happy to just let me follow them down :) THANKS!

  4. Dont worry about it being to advanced, the riding exercises are all about building low speed skills, and even experienced riders come down to practice. Its also a good social get together and a chance to meet and chat with other netriders.
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  5. ^^ Wot he said. Hawklord and GreyBM are great teachers for noobs (and the rest of us too). There's stacks of NRs that say they've avoided an accident because of what they learnt at Saturday morning practice.

    I'll have to dig around to see if I can find the tribute video that was done for them and post it here for you.

    Also second Ultram's suggestion to post a request in the Saturday thread for escort to the session.

    Also keep a look out for a go/no go post at around 8am from Hawklord (usually), if the weather seems a bit dodgy.
  6. Thanks Greydog! I had a look at the Saturday thread and reckon I'll rock up next weekend... I'll drop a post regarding an escort later in the week, but the threads crazy long so not sure how many people keep reading it that far in!
  7. Nah, it goes forever!! A zillion posts a week. Just read the last few pages or so. I can't find the vid at the moment unfortunately.

    If it makes you feel better somehow, it took me nearly a month to work up the courage to ride anywhere but around the block near my home. :oops:
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  8. Good to know! Thanks Greydog, I feel less pathetic now haha! I've found my escort in shining armour so I'll see you guys on Saturday!
  9. Here you go - Minglis found it for me.

    Some of it is taken in the Elwood carpark; some in the "secret location" we go to when there's too many boat trailers.
  10. Really nice bike to learn on; have fun :)