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Complete noob - changing from first to second gear

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by dcart3r, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. G'day all,

    First post, one hell of a forum you guys have here. Best I've ever come across.

    Anyway, just got my L's last week and one small problem I had during the Pre-Learner's course was when changing gears from 1st to 2nd I'd often find myself in neutral. Tried forcefully changing, gently changing, holding clutch in for longer, etc, but every now and then, just wouldn't make it into 2nd. Any advice?

    FYI - Bike was a (standard?) Honda CB250, if that helps. Haven't purchased my first bike yet, but plan to buy a Honda VTR250 ASAP.

  2. People get used to their own bikes gear boxes so its not surprising a new rider like yourself had a couple of issues.
    I'm sure if you owned this bike you would soon work out a method of changing gears.
    Your next bike will have its own engine/gearbox/clutch quirks too.

    I was in slow traffic and short shifted into second this morning but found myself in angel gear instead :shock:
  3. In the Ls course we were told to;
    -clutch in
    -foot up
    -ease clutch out
    -only then do you move foot back down

    If its going into neutral I'd assume you're not pushing it up far enough - doesn't require much force, but does need to be at the top.
  4. I agree with phizog & 2 wheels .. :nail:
    I wouldnt stress. Once you get your own bike you will soon 'get to bond with it and iron out these little annoyances'
    I had MAJOR problems finding neutral when I first got my hornet, now its found almost 99% of the time with little effort.
    Oh .. and Welcome Aboard !!! :biker:
  5. If at first you don't succeed, kick the biatch harder.

    Err what I meant to say was ensure you apply a solid lengthy upward force to the gear lever, ensure you feel it 'click' into gear before you let out the clutch. Don't forget this will be easier that closer the revs are matched.
  6. This may explain things. If I remember correctly, I was moving my foot off before easing the clutch out. Regardless, 'twas not a huge issue and I'm sure I'll adjust to any bike I buy very quickly, but cheers for all the advice guys. :)
  7. another thing is that you are probably not pushing it all the way. When i first started one thing i found i was doing was kinda flicking it up which doesnt work :LOL:
  8. It all depends on the bike too. With mine i just flick it up, then let out the clutch and it works fine. Although i do get a neutral every once in a while.
  9. ^^^ Dude - Just hold it up - make sure youre in gear - then let go - those CB 250's are idiot proof -

    just abuse them - and rev the thing - it makes a world of diff when shifting
  10. agreed with the others ... you start to get to know what the bike likes and when in the rev range or current loading it wants to change ... keep at it and it will come natural ... your doing the right things ... try not to "think" about how you are changing it and let your subconscious handle it.

    It could be that your shifting at too lower revs ... the more you shift, the more your foot learns what it feels like when it has gone into gear properly. If in doubt when shifting from 1st to 2nd don't ring out the throttle until you feel the clutch bite ...

    How many kms have you done on the bike ?

  11. It's not my bike, just the type I was using during L's course.
  12. G'day Dan,
    I had the same problem on my L's course and the instructor told me I needed more revs going from 1 to 2. got my rev's up to 3000+ before changing and had no troubles from then on. He said it was a CB250 quirk.
  13. you use the clutch going up?
  14. Maybe best not to plant that idea yet Joel. :)
  15. :oops:
    i was fishing for a flaming.... :LOL:
    first to second without clutch is a good way to hit neutral anyway :)
  16. ^^^angel gear, Ahh old friend angel gear.
  17. I had a 1992 CB250N ... some things just don't change :)

  18. yeh i reckon its just getting to know your lady. At first it's a bit hard finding the gear but soon enough you just pop through the neutral and smoothly into gear then ride her like she's never been ridden before! :LOL: