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Complete newbie - Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DaRock, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a completely new rider from the western suburbs of Melbourne. I've wanted to ride for a very long time, but haven't for various reasons. I had my first ride at a HART "try it" session on Saturday and I had a ball, so I'm planning for my L's ASAP and from there I want get stuck into some fun riding.

    I've been lurking around reading the forums here heaps and I've found a lot of great reading so far. So I'd like to say thanks up front for all the great reading and info, and apologies for all the stupid questions I'm probably about to ask.

    - Darren
  2. Hey There Darren

    Welcome to the forum :grin:

    Stupid questions? - Apologies ?

    I should start with apologies now then, too. I have a lot of catching up to do. :(
  3. welcome. search function will help you reduce the # of stupid questions.....
  4. welcome bud :biker:
  5. Welcome mate
    Remember what Mr Garrison says "There are no stupid questions........
  6. welcome Darren :)

    Yay another ermmmmm westie :grin: LOL

    The only stupid question ... is the one you DON'T ask !
  7. Welcome Darren.

    let us know when you're on the road and you can join us for the Sat
    learner thingy.

  8. Welcome to Netrider Darren. I was in the same situation as you. Never ridden before and did the try riding course and got hooked. Enjoy and have fun.

  9. Welcome to NR Darren :)
  10. Thanks for all the welcome. Awesome to see some local westies already!!!

    So I'm booked in for my L's this weekend and I'm excited!!!
  11. what bike are u planning on getting when u get your L's?
  12. Well that's an excellent question that I'm not entirely sure on right now.....

    I'm a bigger bloke (6ft pushing 130kg) and I like the sports bikes, so I'm thinking about something like a GS500, which seems popular on these forums too. But I'm budgeting $5000- for my first bike (separate to my gear budget) and I haven't seen any second hand advertised for that price recently.

    I'm now wondering if there are any 250's that might be appropriate for my size and budget.

    Either way I plan to get out to some dealers and sit on some bikes to see how they feel.
  13. i think the biggest bike in the lams would be the hyosungs, both the 250's and the 650's, they are pretty big bikes, but problem being is the past problems with them, dosnt seem to be problems in the 09 range though
  14. Welcome aboard !!
  15. welcome to the animal farm :grin:
  16. Welcome to the wonderful world of motorcycles. Its going to be a great day for a ride;)
    Sorry my imagination took off welcome mate!
  17. Hi and welcome to NR

    There may be no stupid questions but on NR you just know you are going to get a lot of stupid answers :LOL:

    Good luck with the L's
  18. Passed my L's today.

    Stoked and excited to get into it.....

    Gear next, then bike, but I'm still having trouble deciding between a ZZR (or other large 250), or a bigger capacity bike. Budget is $3k - $5k- ish.
  19. well done mate, welcome to the new world..