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Complete Newbie in Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Stephen Wong, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. Hi all, I am a complete newbie rider, completed my pre-learner course and got the learner licence last month, acquired a Aprilie RS 125 two weeks ago, and found that is much more challenging compare to those training bikes in the pre-learner course. Current bike experience <-- negative... still fail to move off, other than have it shotted off and dropped once. Not sure if I picked the wrong bike but at least is a bike that I really want for quite some time.

    Even though I got more than 10 years daily driving experience, never realise riding on bike can be much more challenging. Coming here to read and learn, hope soon my bike experience will be much more rewarding.

    Btw, where can I get a 1 on 1 instructor in Sydney who will come to me and give me some extra help? I don't feel confident enough now to have anymore blind self-training on my bike... :(
  2. Hello and welcome, the Sydney practice boys and girls will offer some options for you I'm sure.
  3. Thanks Korbail ~ I did my pre-learner at HART and they are really good. I felt quite confident on those CB125 s at the training course, but now I can't even move off on my RS 125, otherwise love to ride back to them for more training.
    Now seems like either I can get someone come to my place to give me some help, or until I can move off smoothly so I can ride to those training centres...
    Sure love to join the homebush runs later once I am ready to ride around :)
  4. Welcome.

    If you feel like a decent ride, as in not through Sydney's traffic, let me know. I work 50% of the year and will regularly be doing Putty and Kangaroo Valley runs.
    I can help you get your feet up and moving on that bike. You were right about it being the wrong bike for a complete noob, 2 smokes are not very friendly when you first start riding.
  5. Thansk Tweet :) The bike seems like with almost zero torque at low rev, it was so easy to stall, and gave me no feeling of moving forward at all... only time it moves was I probable gave too much thottle and it just shoot off... I will give another go this weekend and see if any better outcome~ hopefully this time will able to find the right feeling...
  6. Yep, no torque until the powerband.
  7. So what kind of rev should I keep as fast idle when try to slip the clutch? I was trying at 3k but didn't work well...
  8. I don't own an RS125, so they are all different. You will feel when it is enough, and clutch control will be your friend.
  9. Whereabouts do you live? I could always ride out and give you a hand if you need it.
  10. In Chatswood area~ I will definitely cry for help again if no success again this weekend :p
  11. I'm in the Blue Mountains and work in the city so feel free to cry out if you need a hand and if I get the time I'll come over and give you a hand
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  12. Hey Stephen - I'm over near the Olympic Park - just a newbie myself but been doing a lot of practice with clutch control lately, happy to lend a hand sometime if you're in need.
  13. Hey Stephen, I too have an Aprilia 125, I am now on my P's and did start on the Aprilia 125, there really is nothing to different from these bikes to the ones you learned on.

    However, the main difference is that you need them up around 6k rpm to get off the mark or there abouts, you just cant release the clutch and away you go.

    Happy to swing by and check out your bike and give you a hand if need be, can even give you a few pointers on the Aprilia etc etc.


  14. yep, 2 smokers, need to rev the guts out of them to get started, then you need to rebuild the engine every so many k's :)
  15. Thanks so much everyone~ think back it may be the problem of too less rev and too much clutch release in my last ride... I will give another try this weekend and annoy my neighbours again :D
  16. Make sure the choke is in the off position and you have at least two bars on the temp, you could just be stalling a cold bike.
  17. Thanks Ben :) I realised that bad cold idle nature on this bike, already did a complete slow recharge to the battery and adjusted the idle too. Now the bike seems idle happily through the warm up :)
  18. Imagine the clutch is like cracking an egg. Release it too fast is like smashing the yolk to bits and get egg shell everywhere. Release it too slow and its not going to brake the egg but you can try a little harder next time until you got it perfect. Work from a too slow rather than a too fast direction until you get it sweet. Just hold the revs steady.
  19. Welcome to the forum