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Complete Motorcycle noob here

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ShadowGT, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hey as the title states I'm a noob when it comes to bikes. I've never ridden a motorcycle in my life (and cant drive a manual car either >_>) but i've been wanting to learn for a long time. It would mean so much to me if you guys could walk me through stuff i should learn, tips, how to shift gears, what to do about going for my L's basicly anything i would need to know etc, etc. I cant go for my L's just yet as im currently out of work but i've promised myself the second i got some work i'd go for my L's & buy a bike.

    I've already started saving for my first bike (have 1k so far). I've already decided on what bike i want.

    After looking around & searching the net i've decided on a Honda CBR250RR (the baby blade) as they are cheap to buy, apparently cheap to service & are a great learners sports bike. plus the fact that i'd just die if i could find one that was yellow :p Can anyone give me tips on buying a CBR250RR? what to look for etc? i have no bike riding friends so i cant really ask them (honestly i don't have many friends period but would love to make some bike friends down the road once i get settled)

    Think that covers the basics. anything else you want or need to know feel free to ask.
  2. Welcome SGT. I have no experience with the 250RR but plenty of people here have, and do, so you'll get some accurate info (y)
  3. Thanks good to hear im in good hands lol.
  4. Making bike friends is easy....
    Don't be a knob. Listen to more experienced riders when they give you advice/correct you and do as much research as you can along with asking questions and you'll be right. :)
    The power of the 2 wheeled machine gives you something to yack about!

    With regards to buying your first bike and learning what you need to look for, there are heaps of threads here that go through specifics of the do's and dont's.
    After you've saved up enough for it and start looking at a few bikes, don't be shy to ask a newly made bike friend to help you out with the purchase. (As long as you're good at reading people and know they're not dodgey).

    Oh and WELCOME!
  5. For everything you want to know about CBR 250's, go to cbr250.com
    A wealth of knowledge, help, advice and the buy & sell sections always have plenty of sale. I have owned a couple and am in Melbounre so if you need a hand with anything from inspecting a bike to servicing just hit me up.
    You'll learn all the basics about how to get a bike rolling, stoppping etc when you go for your L's and from there just make your way to the Saturday morning learner sessions that are run here on Netrider. Plenty of people can vouch for what it does for their riding and plenty of people are on hand to give advice.
    You'll also be able to pick yourself up a cibby for a few grand :)

  6. Thanks for all the help so far i will definatly be taking the advice i get off here when i can get around to getting my L's & my first bike :)
  7. Welcome and good luck. I had 2 CBR-RR's and they are awesome bikes to learn on. I loved both of mine. Check out the threads here about buying a second bike, there is some very good info. Also +1 Quo Vadas - check out cbr250.com.
  8. I avoided the CBR tbh, so I'm no help there, but I'm sure they are good enough.
    I'm only a beginner myself but here are some tips for the learners course:
    -When you're doing the Ls course focus on trying to keep your head up. At first you may have to look where things are but you want to move from that to doing it by feeling as fast as possible.By keeping your head straight your body will naturally keep its lateral balance. This should help you avoid being wobbly. When stopping, etc.

    -Don't use the brakes while you're going round a bend. At the learners you are going quite slow so shouldn't need to use the brakes while turning.Doing so can make the suspension dive and since you are already turning that might mean on to the ground.

    -Don't forget to cancel your indicator lights! The indicators won't turn themselves off , you have to click the button back to the centre for the lights to turn off. It isn't the end of the world for the Ls test except perhaps embarrassment. On the road driving with your indicator on is dangerous to you as people won't be sure where you're going.
  9. Welcome to Netrider.

    Get down to saturday practice if you can, plenty of people, both experienced
    and total noobs to help you out.
    get somebody who knows bikes to go with you if you are buying a CBR, there's no shortage of misused ones out there.
  10. CBRs are generally overpriced and thrashed within an inch of their lives.

    They are an awesome entry level sports bike and have attracted all kinds of wannabes, boy racers and posers.