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Complete 'Head to Toe' riding apparel 4 sale - Mint Condition/Less than $400

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by gpxkermit250, Aug 12, 2010.

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  1. Sold



    Its not very often the gift of a complete riding set of gear comes along that’s brand new for a price like this….

    For Sale: A brand spanking new complete set of head to toe riding gear. I bought all this equipment for my wife with the intention of her being a pillion a while ago. (My wishful thinking!!). It never happened and honestly besides the 30mins my wife spent on a practice run in a car park once (I shite you not), it has never been worn or taken out of the wardrobe since. Time to move it on and provide the intended safety and comfort it can offer to the next bike enthusiast : )

    I will try and explain the size/dimensions etc as best as possible. Please PM me for any questions. I will be happy to get the tape measure out. If you’re unsure, I’m more that happy for you to try the whole lot on before considering a purchase.

    FYI – My wife is 5”3 high - small to medium/average size build.

    **NB!!!** This is a ‘whole kit and caboodle’ sale. No separating… At the price I’m asking for the lot, even if 1 or 2 items end up being spares or seconds, your still miles in front from what you would pay at the shops for each piece.

    I cant stress enough how new it all is. If it wasn’t for that initial 30min ride everything would still be wrapt in original packaging or have price tags attached to it.

    Helmet KBC VRX-1 (extra small)
    Interesting thing is … im a medium in helmets usually and when she bought this helmet, I bought the same model on the same day. I tried the medium and XS and they both fit. So I think if you do have a slightly bigger nogg’n and you want a mega tight racing fit, the XS would be ok. But only a fitting will determine this obviously.
    You will see from the helmet being Millimetre paint perfect all over that its never been dropped/rolled or even come into contact with anything other than hands, cranium and fresh air, however If your nervous about buying a second hand helmet I will sign a statutory declaration in front of you at the Cop Shop to vindicate exactly what I have stated in for ‘For Sale’ paragraph. No hesitation if that puts your mind at ease.
    Retail price $250

    Leather FS Sport Hydro Gloves with Kevlar plated knuckles and fingers – (small)
    Suitable for winter – Very sturdy.
    Retail price $50

    Glove Inserts (small)
    Stock standard synthetic inserts for those extra cold days (small to medium)
    Retail price $15

    Draggin Jeans Size 6 - Classic Blue Denim.
    Product Code CA4263 (cant find this code on the website?, but the generic measurements listed fit and I’m pretty sure they are these ones)

    http://www.dragginjeans.net/product/classic for women

    WSJB, WSJI (CA4263)
    Black, Indigo (Blue)
    6 (65cm) to 24 (110cm)
    (IN LEG)
    Classic fit, high rise, semi-bootcut
    Waist (Inches) – 26
    Wasit (cm) – 65
    Hip (cm) – 92
    Retail price $249

    FUSPORT Riding Boots - Size 6
    A very Robust zip and Velcro combination on the leg. Ive trashed my own of the same brand for years and they are still serving me well.
    Retail price $80

    Super High wear material
    Front and rear ventilation
    Internal Amour
    Detachable thermal lining
    Pre curved Arms
    Sports fit elasticised waist
    100% waterproof/breathable membrane
    Removable winter liner for all year round use.
    Genuine 3M Scotchlite reflectives for night safety
    Retail price $149

    Approx $790 worth of value for $350 the lot,

    *** PRICE DROP - NOW $299 ***

    Thanks, Greg

    http://s825.photobucket.com/albums/zz171/gregis00/Motorbike gear 4 sale/

    PS – Happy for collection or I can drop off if you pay up front and live no more than 40 kms from Melbourne CBD. Postage? Yeah sure, but will need to add that to cost of course (but only what it costs, non of this adding more on BS. This aint EBAY)

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  2. Price Drop - Gear now $299

    Now only $299 and if I had some steak knives would through them in too but I dont need to as this is now just a ridiculous bargain!

    Dont miss out!!

    (Speaking of 'but wait theres more'...I do actually have my old KBC VR1 Blue/Black Helmet - LARGE - sitting in a box gathering dust - a few scratches but ideal as a pillion or spare . Never been dropped yardi yaar etc etc... So its yours as part of this deal if you want it.....? Not kidding, that only just came to me now when editing this post. I almost forgot I still had it boxed away in the spare room its been that long and it would be one less box taking up space to worry about)
  3. Sold$$

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