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Complete cosmetic makeover!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by HunkyDory, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Ninja 250r: Complete cosmetic makeover!

    Hey guys,

    So I had a crash recently on my 08' Ninja 250r. Absolutely killed the right side of my bike. First thing I did was jump on eBay and browse for a new fairing. After researching around, found a seller that had good enough reviews. I'll let you know how the kit goes so I can recommend the seller to you all. This will also be a review, once the fairing arrives, in good faith with the seller to make sure I don't get a dud kit.


    ^ - Damaged received from the crash, single seat cowl cracked off, rear fairing cracked, brake pedal melted/bent-in, side fairing raped, front fairing slightly scuffed; as is the right mirror, indicator sliced off, brake lever bent downwards, exhaust slightly scuffed and a bit of it slightly melted into a glob, bar-end chipped hard.


    ^ - The bike's currently naked, all fairings off along with headlight housing removed from front fairing. All of these parts expected with the new kit.


    ^ - What I'm guessing the bike will sort-of look like with the new fairing on (minus the shotty paint job). :p


    I had never dared to "muck around" with the bike but since the crash, I have jumped into the deep end in taking everything off and really getting to know the bike and what comprises of a motorbike.

    This aside, I had plans to do some amazing things for it, but had never dared to attempt anything; And now's my exception. My current repair/mod plan is:

    - Fairing + single seat cowl
    - Brake lever
    - Brake "pedal"
    - Frame sliders/Crash Knobs
    - Aftermarket headlights
    - Anti-vibration Bar Ends


    I will keep you in touch on how things go as I receive the parts. This will be an ongoing build so keep your eyes peeled for the next addition! :p

  2. Cool - out of disaster comes an opportunity !
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  3. As long as you have the chance to customise, why wouldn't you?

    I look forward to seeing the results.
  4. [​IMG]

    I think it'd look sweet!
  5. Heck yes! :D

    Sure thing, will keep ya'll posted. :) Hopefully it'll be here and complete in the next 2 weeks, should be able to bring it down to the Elwood practice session in a few weeks time and practice my emergency braking. God knows I need it. ^^

    Yeah man, it'll look really similiar to that I guess. Just the tail is slightly different, the black tank and the front also goes from green to black. Nice find though! :D
  6. I call for an update. Get those flushmounts in and post up some pics :)
  7. Sorry to all about the late response, I've been VERY busy lately with studies etc. There arn't many picture of the bike yet but here's some to enjoy. The review is still yet to be complete but let me know what you think of the finished product? :D





    Thanks for reading guys! :D
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  8. Good as new mate! Good to see you got some crash knobs now too ;)
  9. #9 HunkyDory, Oct 11, 2012
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    True that! I'm happy she's now got some protection to her. :)

    Unfortunately I've had to use them twice already in the space of 5 minutes. Laid her down when I was taking her out of the garage and doing a very tight u-turn I laid her down again. Both were very scary moments! :(

    Anyway, here's a video of it being ridden. Just testing out the new tank-mount I got from overseas. Hopefully I can fine tune it and get a better quality image before the GP weekend! :D