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Complete again!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by jordy, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Hey all,
    new to the site, but have spent hours looking through it!
    So my story? been riding for some years but had a 5 year break, having to sell my bike when I found out i was going to be a dad (more so from pressure from the other half !) now she has left, i have my son and just bought my sexy ass bike ! so you could say i am complete again! haha !
    I bought a GSXR1000 K9 and cant get off it!
    I am reasonably new to melbourne and also after anyone that wants to go for a ride? to give me a shout.
    Good to meet you all !

  2. Good write up mate and welcome in,

  3. Welcome back to the fold. :)
  4. Welcome,

    I did a similar thing..

    Check out the Vic rides/events section, Pink Ribbon ride tomorrow and a couple of other things on on Sunday.

    Lots of things happenning in melbourne, so don't be a stranger..

  5. man i would love to do the pink ribbon ride tomorrow! but a cool little five year old prevents me! few years older he can come with me! i didnt realise it was on or i would have had the devil (his mum) look after him :) **please not - DEVIL is really a term of endearment! haha !
  6. G'day Jordy mate ! Sounds like you're an extremely happy dude, and after the purchase of a K9 Gixxer, I can't see why not ! (y)
    Hope to see you out sometime bud.
  7. Thanks Nickers...im always out...just not much fun doing it solo anymore, HOWEVER we all know there are times when solo is best ! haha! so if there is anything coming up let me know !
    So...an aerial Bus driver mean you launch buses off high buildings or your a pilot? ha !
  8. I'd prefer to go by your first guess (y) (lol)
    Anytime you're up for a blast, feel free to drop me a line mate. Always keen to ride !
  9. Welcome back to the world of 2 wheels.
  10. Will do Nickers...im always on her weeknights...likewise if your heading out give me a heads up !

    Only asked because i am in the same industry...

    Thanks Maplegum!
  11. Hey all....just a follow up to show you the bike...

    Attached Files:

  12. Very nice mate ! Will be upgrading my Gixxer soon (any takers? :) ) and thinking of replacing the Blue/White K5 with a similar K8.
    Love the Jardine pipes (y)
    Enjoy dude !