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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MadPillion, May 28, 2007.

  1. How many people get complaints from the neighbours about their bikes?? Mum had a vindictive old bat ring her today and yelled at her about the noise of the Honda.. Atm my partner has been getting back late because his uncle is sick in hospital and one of his kids is really screwy about it (read thinks he's going to die).. Its not a loud bike at all and he doesn't rev it up the driveway or anything..

    Is this common?? Does anyone else get harrassed about their bike??

  2. when I was younger I got alot of complaits
    Now I have heard anyone say anything
    I thibk they are scared of the dogs :p
  3. My neighbours dont bother us... They have seen too many brawls out the front of our house for them to think it worth their time I guess. Plus, I wouldn't listen to them anyway. Stiff biscuits, if they dont like it they can move. :p
  4. I did once when I lived in Tassie, when the council who received the complaint a)realised the old lady never closed her bedroom window which adjoined the carport of my flat, b)never raised or attempted to raise it with me directly and c)realised the time I left was not unreasonable and the fact I wheeled the bike out onto the street to start/warm up, they simply laughed and threw the complaint away.

    Even now, I always take steps where I can to warm-up the bike out on the street and for only as long as it needs to be done.

    MadPillion, do you guys live in a block of flats, house, estate...? Mebbe your mum should attempt to explain the situation to the old bat, prolly wouldn't do much good though, by the sound of it. Some people live to complain and make life hard for others.
  5. My last neighbour was my landlord and cracked it (bout my bike). i had to cut my bike off half way down the street and roll it the rest of the way and up the driveway. well.. it was a 1000cc twin with staintunes...
  6. No problem's here
  7. Its a house on its own block.. I think the complainant is the coppers wife - whos as fat as a giant blow up santa with the mean attitude to match.. how hard can she make it for us - mostly through him?? Its a CBR1000 4 cylinder, not loud at all..

    She had a legit complaint about the yamaha - which had a faulty exhaust but that was during the day..

    Don't know where I legally stand (NSW - the overlegislated state)..

    As to explaing it to her - she hates me (never met me but hates me).. he's not soooo bad since we had to officially complain about him.. maybe talking to him at the station??
  8. 96 decibels in NSW so I was told other day.

  9. I think you should make this a separate post with the heading and nsw in front so people can see it and maybe ya'll get some quick answers
    I'd like to know too :)
  10. Recently bought an sv650s with a Yoshi pipe... sounds fekkin AWESOME!!
    I doubt the neighbours share my enthusiasm, especially at 6:30am as I head off to work!

    No complaints though... yet!
  11. yes, but at what RPM?
  12. You can get your exhaust noise tested at most car exhaust shops it will cost around $20 or so
  13. Most places will do it for nothing if you give them the impression that you are thinking about buying a new exaust. ;) Plus all it is is a little microphone thing they put next to the exaust and say "rev it mate" bada bing bada boom all done. Hardly worth the $20 to "test" it.
  14. No neighbour problems over here, I killed all mine and fed them to the dog...
  15. 1000cc, take muffler cans off and apply full throttle at their front door! :LOL:

    Justin kidding! Really! :grin:
  16. yes true if you just want to test it but if you want to clear a defect its $20 for the test
  17. Is it running standard pipes or have you put an aftermarket on it? A standard pipe on a Blade is 95dba and very very legal.

    As far as I can see, if it is a recent bike, standard pipe, she'd have not a hope in getting anything done. It's all down to being reasonable. Treat others as you wish to be treated. I don't warm my bike up very early and either kill the engine or idle down my road if late at night. If you're leaving crack of dawn and letting it fast idle in the morning, that'd piss me off too, but that doesn't sound like that's what you're doing.
  18. when i lived in cammeray, i used to park my vtr250 in little under cover area outside an aparment blocks garbage room (never on pick up nights) when it rained. someone left a note on it threatening to steal it if i left it there again. burnouts at 3am for the last three mornings i lived there. vindictive? yes. immature? yes. illegal? yes. did i care? no. some f#cker threatened to take my bike!
    ive had one complaint from a resident in my new residence. ill coast it down the driveway after 2200h.

  19. Being a copper when I got my first big bike with twin D&D's the neighbours probably didn't like it, but never complained, I think they feared getting a PIN every day for parking in the "No Stopping" zone at the end of our street. :wink:
  20. yeah i had complaints in my last two places, but here there's a bloke across the road on a loud triumph so i think the neighbours are used to it.

    in my last place there was a stupid couple living next door, and id have to start my bike really early once a week, and the bloke came over and turned off my bike whilst it was warming up and i was inside.
    it turned nasty, but it is a my only form of transport for work. (work was too far too pushbike/cycle).
    look if you are one of those w*nkas who revvs the sh*t out of your bike then its fair enough for the neighbours to complain. my bike is loud, but i just explain to them that it needs to warm up, and that i need to work etc and they're usually ok