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Competition with a twist ;)

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' at netrider.net.au started by vic, May 17, 2007.

  1. Following up from this thread, we are looking for your minature stories about Netrider and what it has done for you, what you have gotten out of it etc etc.

    Minimum of 100 words, over 2 or more paragraphs.

    We reserver the right to publish these comments either online or in any other form of motorcycling publication.

    Why should I bother?

    Why not? You may even win yourself a fantastic back protector valued at $100.

    Got you thinking?


    Start writing.

    This comp will run till Friday next (25th) and We'll announce the winner on the weekend 26th-27th.


  2. Nothing at all.

    Sweet, saves me buying a back protector :twisted:
  3. im working on it. im not much of an author though.
  4. 100 words, Vic?? I can't even get warmed up in under 500 :LOL: :p

    But judging by some of the threads on Netrider, my back DOES need protecting, so give me a day or so and I'll give it a go :).
  5. Mine doesnt need 100 words .. :grin:

    The best thing about Netrider is I got to meet Vic and now have an awesome buddy. .. :p

    I could really do with a good back protector when I get back on the bike so I better get writing...
  7. <------ is currently ingesting enough intoxicating liquor to initialize the creative portion of the brain.
  8. Not bad hey.. Still wont get me anywhere. :grin:
  9. I would expect I have got less out of Netrider than many people here but I have still benefited a lot.

    When I first thought of getting my license 2 years ago, I was aiming my sights at a scooter. A search of the internet and the finding of this site allowed me to read many newbie guides and ask those stupid questions that get asked every second week. The great thing was, though, that apart from Matt232 ( ;) ) everyone was more than happy to answer them for the umpteenth time. Sure you get differing opinions, arguments, trolls and the like but that’s life. I like the community feel that extends to new members for them to take or leave as they wish, no strings, just mateship.

    It was this newbie focused question and answer aspect of the site that helped me change my mind from a scooter to a proper bike and that is what I am most thankful for. I would hate to be sitting here 2 years later owning a scooter after knowing the joy of riding a bike that is designed to be actually ridden.

    Now I have upgraded, enjoy *almost* every moment on my bike, and hope to never own a car again! Thanks Netrider. :D

    I hope thats about 100 words.
  10. "You've always wanted a bike, why not get one?" These words were spoken to me by the person who was always the sensible one in the family, the wife! "Oh OK I will". Shit were do I start? The last time I rode a bike [well the only time] was on an alcohol fuelled work trip to Bermuda!

    Shops lets see I will go to a bike shop; what is it with people in shops? You walk in and they expect you to know exactly what you are after, mate I had no idea. I just wanted to get a bike that fitted me and my proposed commuting duties.

    The internet, straight to www.google.com, type in learner bikes. What do you know, netrider.net.au comes up. This was it, people like me who were new to riding and old salts who remember when bikers were all bad, there were young 19 year olds asking if they should buy a CBR600 and not waste money on a 250 and old blokes like me trying to be sensible. Ask all the dumb questions, which bike/fuel/oil, why do my brakes scrape etc etc, even meet a few new friends. 18 months on and I love motorcylcing even more and still get a lot of my tips and sometimes give a few on netrider.
  11. The best thing about Netrider is that after many years of low self-esteem, lack of self confidence, bad body image, stuttering, inability to control my bowls, bad breath, and general lack of any worthwhile talents, I have at last discovered that there are a people out there who are uglier, stupider, and above all, balder than me..! :grin:
  12. What Netrider has done for me? I'll be honest with you -

    I never really wanted to meet or talk to any of you. I've ran into a few 'fans' accidentally, and was pretty mortified when they asked me if I was the real DuHAST. I should have just lied and said no, but I opened my big fat mouth and the next thing I know I was invited to an old fashioned white supremacist gathering, offered under the counter pharmaceuticals, and participated in geriatric orgies.
    Thank-You Netriders

    ps. if I win will you please change the prize from a back protector to a bum protector, yes sad but some Netriders you meet have some strange ideas of camaraderie.
  13. :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Which reminds me ... early last year sometime, I was out riding. Stopped at country servo and another 2 riders turn-up. We say g'day and I go in to pay .. when I come out they said the see my Netrider sticker on the bike and say they are on Netrider too. They ask who I am on Netrider, and we have a chat for 5 or 10 mins before taking off to continue our rides. Later that night, I get a PM from one of these two riders warning me that they ran into a guy in a servo that is claiming to be myself, and they justed wanted to let me know in case this imposter causes any trouble :LOL: :LOL:
  15. That is a classic Jason, you must be a dodgy looking character!
  16. It only took them 5 minutes to work out that there is no way that a dribbling bubble headed boobie could have enough brains to run Netrider :p
  17. What has Netrider done for me??

    Firstly and most importantly, it eased me back up to speed with bikes and riding after a 20 year sabbatical. The stuff I have picked up in the last two years would have taken twice that long to find out by experience.

    Secondly, it has introduced me to a circle of people who I count as good friends, and some as almost like family.

    Thirdly, it has made me laugh, cry, gnash my teeth and whoop with excitement, sometimes only minutes apart.

    And lastly, it has exercised my mind, on, as Joan Baez once sang, "matters both humble and grand".

    Thank you Netrider, for all that you've given me, and all that you have put up with from me....
  18. It’s a bit weird to get all gooey in side when talking about a WEBSITE, but anyway…

    It has shown me that total strangers can not only brighten your darkest day; they can and will do all that is possible to make you feel special and important.

    It has shown me that no question is too stupid to ask, whether it’s about bikes or otherwise. There is always someone that will answer you.

    It has shown me companionships, friendships, laughter, advice, humility, concern, hurt, survival, triumph, sadness, happiness.

    This is what this little website called netrider has done for me.

    Pwoar! 100 exactly! I rock! :grin:
  19. + Agoogle :grin:
  20. Initially I found this forum when researching for some gear.

    I found some good stuff so kept reading and found all sorts of helpful hints and tips.

    Then I very gingerly tested the waters and made my first post :eek: . I had never been on a forum before and was expecting the worst...well I got it! (nah, just kidding :wink:).

    It took me a couple of years, but then started organising some local rides and it's just blossomed from there.

    I have made some fantastic friends, met some truly inspirational people and the support I have received here is second to none.

    Who would believe that you can experience every known emotion to mankind on these forums?

    To me it is much more than a bike forum, it is an integral part of my life. :grin: