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Competition: Win a Jett Heated Vest

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Netrider's April competition for members has begun, and this months prize - just in time for winter - is a Jett Heated Vest.

    Vic used one on his Tassie trip recently, and found it to be fantastic. And the vest is a motorcycle product of the year award winner.

  2. i cant enter this becuase my number and email and everything does not work. :(
  3. Hmm... Gee.....I wonder who won the heated vest.... :grin:

  4. You lucky watsit!!!!! :evil:

    very envious with Winter coming on as well!!
  5. :cool:

    Looking forward to using this not only on the bike, but on the ship as well. :grin: May even put it on to walk Sammy down the beach over the colder mths. :)

    Thanks Vic and Mouth and Netrider!! And big thanks to Jett!!

    I'll post up a report on it soon :grin:
  6. Gingle won the 12 month magazine subscription
  7. A VTR and a heated vest :shock: Some people have just got it all :evil:

    No, just kidding. Congratulations, Rosie \:D/

    And congratulations to Gingle as well, happy reading :grin:
  8. Let's not forget the heated grips as well Fuzzy :p

    Looking forward to trying this vest out. Little secret - even if I didn't win the comp, I was going to buy one anyway ;)

    Anything to make riding during the Winter mths more enjoyable. :grin:
  9. Enjoy Rosie :)
    I really hoped to win that. :? Guess I'll just have to plead for a hug when I get cold :LOL:
  10. There are 3 more vests to win folks. Don't give up just yet.

    Once Jason pulls his finger out and gets the Starcom1 up there for this months competition and that is won the next 3 months are reserved for heated vests :p
  11. woohoo. Congrats Rosie . Seeing as I didn't win it I am really glad you did. Heated Vests , heated grips .... :shock: .... hope your legs dont get cold. Best get some leg warmers maybe.
  12. No need for the reminder K8, I'm already there.

    As long as I believe it, it's all that matters :p