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Competition Werkes Or Sc project conic

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by wideone3, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. Looking at buying a new exhaust for my street triple 660 (Yes, some people have told me it may/may not be illegal). But I've been looking into the Sc project Conic slip on and the Competition Werkes Gp Slip on.
    SC PROJECT: SC-Project Slip-On Silencer Street Triple Conic
    Competition Werkes: Triumph Street Triple 2013 Competition Werkes GP Slip on Exhaust

    They're both pretty much the same price, both european so I'm unable to decide. Anyone know what each sounds like or just one of them.
    Plus any additional stuff i should know for either of them
    Cheers everyone!

  2. they both look like maggot-style exhausts so will likely be super loud and more at home on the track.

    Better off looking at an arrow exhaust as they are developed with Triumph specifically for these bikes
  3. Yeah I've had a look at the Arrow Exhausts but I've heard one when i purchased my bike and at least to me, it didn't seem like it made much of a difference. Seemed very similar to stock plus it was $800 and a lot more than the other two. If I'm looking at buying an expensive exhaust i want it to change the sound by a significant amount. That was my only concern with the arrow exhaust.
    Thanks though
  4. Have the SC-Project on my 660, can be a little loud at times but I love it. Agree about the Arrow systems, seemed very quiet.
  5. Yeah. I want something loud and I havnt heard a lot about the competition werkes in terms of volume. If it's as loud as the sc project then I'll go with that as personally I prefer the look of the CW. Maybe I'll try it and see
  6. did you end up getting the competition Werkes? Im in the same boat.. any update on the legality of it
  7. Yes I did. Happen to be out on a ride at the moment. In terms of legality. Ive ridden past about 3 hwp and havnt had a problem. The worst was going past one at 65 in a 50 zone at about 7k rpm (anything above 6 it becomes very loud) after just setting off from some lights. After seeing him and waiting for the lights to turn on, strangely they never did and I was fine. As long as your not red lining it past a cop, you should be okay. I didn't actually get a baffle with mine and I need to buy one purely as my job means leaving at 6:45 every morning.
    But yes it is super loud without the baffle but havnt tried with the baffle as of yet.
    Is an amazing sounding exhaust and everyone I ride with laughs everytime I give it some go due to the sound it produces. It also pops and crackles a lot on letting go of the throttle from higher rpms but personally I love that too. If it was me I would definitely buy it again given the chance.

    Saying all that I can't really compare as I've never heard the project conic.
    But considering I got it for 200$ cheaper than the SC I'm more than happy with my purchase.
    If your in the sydney region or north shore you can come have a listen.
  8. lol! wow! sounds excellent! so baffle it is ;-) . Im in the eastern suburbs, I may have to come and have a listen at some point. Seen a few youtube videos but don't think they would do it justice.

    Did you get any mapping done?

    Where'd you get yours from? Im seeing them for around $700.
  9. Yeah baffle is definitely the way to go but without would also work. Yeah your pretty close to me anyways. Hit me up with a message if you ever want to come and listen.
    Yeah the youtube videos i watched did the exhaust no real justice.

    Haven't got any mapping done just yet as i assumed the ecu was not tamperable. But might go and ask my mechanic and see if it would be beneficial to get anything done.
    Bought it from eBay for $520 plus like $70 postage.
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  10. Hi wideone3. New to the site and only recently got my 660. Do you still have your bike? If so I would love to come and have a look and listen to the mods. I'm in Davidson which I assume is not far from you.
  11. Yep still got the bike. I'm doing some work on it this Saturday with a friend if you wanna come and listen. I'm in turramurra so not sure how far away. I'll check
  12. Just checked and your literally 25 minutes from me. So easy for you otherwise I can meet you half way
  13. Jeeze, the North Shore massive is full of 660's and loud pipes - how will I ever get to sleep at night?

    wideone3wideone3 have a look at some of the triumph specific sites.... I know for the Daytona for example there's a lot of guys put a lot of work into mapping their bikes for aftermarket kit, especially Arrow as mentioned, but others as well including freeflow filters.

    I did hear it was not as easy to upload maps for newer bikes (Daytona's after 2012 perhaps - maybe something Triumph have covered off in the ecu)

    thehofthehof welcome mate - i'm in Forestville.
  14. Haha I've only ever seen one other 660 striple. Yeah ive had a look online at getting it mapped and it seems because the ecu is locked it would need a power commander or something. Might go and ask my local triumph place or mechanic. It naturally runs quite rich as most lams bikes do which gives me some nice pops and crackles.
  15. Great,either way. I will be in St Ives from 12 to 1 Saturday. What are you doing to the bike?
  16. Hey wideone, can you post a vid of the pops and crackle? I am in between the SC and the Werkes but unfortunately I don't know anyone down here in Melbourne with a 660.
  17. Yep i can try. Literally just got a new helmet today and put the go pro on. Will try record some tomorrow for you :)
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  18. I can help record something tomorrow as you do a ride by
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  19. Yeah tomorrow sounds good. Ill see if i can get something done today tho
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  20. Thanks guys!!