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Competition: The Doctor, The Tornado and The Kentucky Kid

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by ForumBot, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. Win 1 of 3 copies of "The Doctor, The Tornado and The Kentucky Kid" DVD in this months competition.

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  2. Who won last months?
  3. Goosh
  4. Good question ...... I entered - was it me :)
  5. 1 hour & 39 minutes have elapsed since that question was answered.
  6. Dear Vic,

    Please excuse BB. I've been eating her pizza and it is entirely possible that some of me may have rubbed off on her.


    { :shock: }
  7. (I didnt win it, already own it)
    This is one of the best MotoGP DVD's I have seen in a long time. Watch it and you will have even more respect for Rossi, understand why Hadyn won the MotoGP this year, and get to know Collin Edwards... Well worth watching!
  8. I always knew you were a kinky fcuker :rofl:
  9. I am a f*cking dunce and I don't know how to look up my membership number. How do you do that again?
  10. 1475 babeeeeeeee

    It is on the back of your membership card :p

    It will be on the front of your new one soon too ;)
  11. Re: Competition: The Doctor, The Tornado and The Kentucky Ki

    Lots of people entering :)
    Winners are grinners, snoozers are loosers :grin: