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Compassion for fallen riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. I heard of a rider that crashed and wen't to hospital tonight.

    He's still on his learners, riding a 2 week old gixxer 1000, (his 3rd bike, crashed a previous one), no insurance, and said it flipped him off when he changed from 2nd to 3rd. He's OK, just deep asphault in arm and leg, and will probably need skin grafts. Was on a major divided road, and was wearing little/no protective gear.

    When I heard the story, I had no compassion for the guy. Obviously if he didn't learn the first time, he's probably not going to. In fact, I got annoyed that my taxes/rego are going towards paying for this guys hospital and ambulance bills.

    I wrestled with the idea that I felt no sorry/compassion for the guy (I've always have previously, no matter how stupid the rider was), but have decided that I'm OK with it. This type of rider probably isn't looking or wanting any compassion anyways, and certainly doesn't deserve any.

    I can sleep easy tonight :)
  2. mmmm, I can understand where you're coming from but I hope your wearing the flame proof overalls....
  3. I don't really hope people put themselves in hospital.

    --[if I've put them there, that's different... they deserved it]--

    And I don't think I can derive a sense of satisfaction from someone injuring themselves so seriously.
    But it sounds like this guy was headed there anyways.

    Compassion for injuries.

    Suck shit to crashing a gixxer w/ no insurance.

    I'll sleep just fine too, Mouth.
    Lack of compassion/Wild Turkey ... we do things differently in different states :grin:
  4. I feel sorry for him due to the outcome but not for the lesson.
    I dont tend to like seeing anyone get hurt but somtimes it just seems par for the course.

    On the flame issue. I agree, you're probably going to cop some flak over it but hopefully people will disagree with the ideal/opinion and not the person.

    In saying that it's ok that you feel the way you do. After all it's you. If someone else sees it differently it doesn't make your response any less valid.

    Seems like he brought in on himself too. Oh well
  5. Hmm....

    The only part that I could muster myself to care about the aforementioned incident is perhaps the way other sensible bike-riders might be judged on the basis of that one guy.

    I won't be sleeping well tonite but that's because I've been getting stress from work. :p

    Ah well the holidays is almost here and I got me bike back!! Yaaaay! :D
  6. He's not a rider, he's a dickhead........ I have no compassion for dickheads.

    The end result could have been an innocent person injured ... and another reason for people to believe we all fit into that idiot catogory.
  7. And while a mod may be monitoring a thread that they made,
    can we please have 'd1ck' removed from the swear filter[???]
  8. I feel sorry/compassion for you mouth because you actually took the time to think about this guy.
  9. I agree, compassion for repeat stupidity is a waste of perfectly good compassion...

    If ya wanna feel sorry for someone, feel sorry for all the riders that get messed up and killed by other people doing the wrong thing, don't waste it on someone without the sense to wear gear and take it easy on a new speed machine

    choose your stoopidity, choose your consequence
  10. Yep those mid-wheelie gear changes can be tricky for sure. Especially for learners. Ahem.

  11. This is a bit unrelated but how did he manage to get a bike like that whilst on his Ls? When I bought my bike, I had to answer to, "Are you legally allowed to purchase this bike?" somewhere along the line.

    Mouth, not feeling sorry for someone who hurts themselves by putting themselves in a high risk situation is quite common. Assisting them if you see it is another matter and I'm sure that you and a lot of others would no matter how stupid you think they are.

    Not wearing any gear is running a high risk of a really bad outcome with an off. I don't know why people do it.
  12. I agree... I feel compassion for the rest of us, from the way we'll all be tarred by the same brush because of this guy.

    Actually I do feel a bit sorry for the guy... he must be a thick as 10 planks.

    He may have ridden a bike, but I don't hink he's a rider. I'm with Mouth on this one.

    Night all.
  13. I feel 'something' for him because he has had to hurt himself to learn a repeat lesson, but no flames here. I agree with Mouth and others. He isn't a rider and his actions get us all labelled as idiots on two wheels. He was foolish and he probably had it coming one way or another. No sense of self-preservation there by the sound of it....
  14. Actually half the problem is that the reckless ones like this get us all labeled as idiots on one wheel :LOL:
  15. Imagine his intro post to Netrider

    "Hi - I'm on my L's and ride a two week old Gixxer. Love wearing anything but safety gear and stacked my last bike but hey I'm alive"
  16. +1 still on L's and riding a 1K. Some screws loose in his head maybe? His last bike that he crashed was probably his 250 and he thought he survived that so a 1K would be fine.
  17. Certainly no sympathy from me. In fact I'm glad he's off the road, if only for the short-term.
  18. I feel sorry for his family and his long-suffering friends who have to put up with this senseless dill, and try and help put his life back together....

    And, of course, pounds will get you pennies that even as you are sleeping soundly, Jason, he's thinking of a way to justify his stupidity and blame someone else for it.....
  19. I feel sorry for the bike. :(

    No insurance is one thing, but spend the dough on safety gear FFS. Although, I do believe that cases like this are natural selection at work.
  20. Darwin has a theory on evolution..... This guy is trying to prove it right!!