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Comparison of two bikes Please I Need Expert Advice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by val010203, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. Hi Guy's, Im upgrading from my GPX250 & am thinking either a TL1000S Suzuki, or a VTR1000F Honda.

    I can only afford up to 8K, so I would have to go for a late 90's model.

    I would only be using it 2 - 3 times a week plus occasional weekend trips, I love the V-Twin sound & the low down useable power (Victorian speed limits). Im interested in any thoughts or comparisons you guys could give me,

    Regards VAL010203

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  2. how bout an earlier SV1000? should be able to pick one of them up for that money shouldn't you?

    dont read into it to much tho, buy the one that puts a bigger grin on your face. and just to make sure you're making the right decision, have a crack at an early R1 and possibly a ZX7R just to put a different perspective on things. dont limit yourself to 2 bikes, have a GOOD look around while you have the money to back it up :twisted:
  3. MCNEWS has a review on the TL1000S. The reviewer liked it better than the VTR. See http://www.mcnews.com.au/
    But why mess around with a twin when you could have a triple. :p :p :p
  4. Pros and cons:
    The VTR is a very nice ride, with predictable, stable (if not super sharp) handling and excellent power and torque. But it slurps fuel at an alarming rate, and the earlier ones also had a fairly small tank.
    The TL has marginally the more exciting engine, but isn't quite as thirsty.
    It does, however have some handling quirks attributed to the unique radial damper at the rear. This is, to all intents and purposes a new version of the old style "lever-arm" damper abandoned by car makers decades ago.
    One of the UK magazines did a test and found that under extreme conditions the Suzuki unit could be made to "load up", that is, over a series of bumps the arm would not return to its original position, so it would progressively have less and less travel to play with, leading to a lack of suspension movement (over a short period of time). Enough to make the front end do VERY strange things like tank-slappers etc.
    Suzuki's solution was to fit a steering damper to control this, which is a bit of a band-aid solution. Still, many love the old TL for it's hooligan nature, even though the SV1000 is probably a better bike.
  5. I second Titus' remarks there, good stuff.

    The TLs are renowned for unfriendly things like unintended wheelies and tankslappers, as well as (IIRC) a shitty experimental rear shock system that's gone down as one of Suzuki's bigger mistakes.

    The VT doesn't have a huge tank range (200k seems around standard) but unless you're a long-haul tourer that won't affect you too much. They benefit from Honda's legendary build quality and finish.

    One vote for the firestorm. Nice red one on bikesales recently... ;)
  6. The TL rear shock (in addition to not working very well) is also difficult to replace and only a couple of places can rebuild them).
  7. The TL1000S is a manic bike, don't be fooled into thinking it's lazy down low and docile just because it's a v-twin, it's a rev happy monster of an engine. Not positive, but I think they detuned the motor slightly when they went to the SV1000.

    There's heaps of info around about the handling traits (problems) they had, but seriously, if you're not planning on absolutely flogging it around b-roads then I wouldn't take much notice of it.

    The Honda is just too much like a Honda to me: engineered to be so smooth that it's taken away a lot of the bike's character.

    TL all the way for me! That's a bike I'd like to own one day.
  8. V Twins are great!

    Once you ride and own one, you'll never go back to a inline 4.
  9. $8K should get you a decent late 90's VFR800 ;)
  10. The firestorm is a fantastic bike with a lot of character. It requires a few minor modifications to make the most out of it. So far mine has the HRC jet kit, staintunes and a K&N filter. Next on the list is Ohlins or Racetech fork springs and a rebuild of the shock.
    It'll never be a match for my mates 916s but it's a hell of a lot more comfy (and cheaper).
  11. IMO you can't go wrong with either. Both solid bikes, with pros and cons, as already listed above.

    Unless you are relatively experienced, you won't be able to push either of them hard. They are both gonna really GO!

    With that out of the way...

    My suggestion, ride both and see which one feels best to you. Not only the power delivery, but ergonomics etc as well (how much pressure is it putting on your wrists). This is often overlooked and can play a big part in your overall enjoyment of your new bike.

    You should be able to pickup a nice TLS or VTR for yor budget. My experience is that the TLR's tend to hold their value a bit better than the VTR's or TLS's so that might also influence your choice somewhat.

    Good luck with your search. You're in for a good time regardless of whichever you choose!
  12. What about a SV650 or similar smaller capacity vtwin? you should be able to pick up 2 or 3 year old sv650 for that money or even a early version of the sv1000 (does have better suspension etc than the 650)
  13. You won't see a SV1000 for under 8k, they were only released in 2003.
  14. Thanks for all your comments guys i appreciate the efforts, I guess I will have a look at the VFR honda aswell as it seems to be fairly popular & within my price range. Will it go as well around the suburbs at lower speeds?, that was why I was thinking V Twin,

    Thanks again


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  15. go on you know you will love it zx9 zx9 zx9 :grin: :grin:
  16. There's not too many of the late 90's model around in your price range, they hold their value extremely well.

    I think you'll find that most recent bikes (even sports) are capable of tootling around as slow as you like in the burbs. If anything, some of the big twins aren't as suited to this as the four cylinders as some suffer from chain lash at slow speeds and slight throttle openings.

    Whatever you're thinking of getting, just make sure to take it for a test ride.
  17. Oh well, since we're now looking at the whole gamut of options, you might also like to have a look at the Triumph Sprint RS. Same style of bike, probably the bargain of the brand.
    VFR would probably be the pick for town work, but an 800 might be out of your price range. I reckon you might struggle to find many good examples of any of them at $8K.
  18. Hey why dont you have a look at androos 95 zx9 well under your budget listed in bikes for sale forum :grin:
  19. Suzuki have stopped making the TL's so might be nice to have one before they vanish completely.
    I have a firestorm and I love it. Best bike ive riden to date because its got lots of tourque and puts me further into corners than I thought I could go.
    Both nice bikes though.

    Werent Ptr Stevens (eveyones least favourite dealer) doing a suzuki sv650 run out? $10,000 new + on road costs, etc... I know your budget is $8,000... but for the extra couple your getting a great buy. You know it has no hidden probs & insurance would be a bit better too I think...

    Anyway, good luck in your hunt!

  20. The above statement is very true about the VTR.

    1997 to 2000 has a 16 litre tank.

    2001 onwards have a 19 litre tank.

    If you would like some more opinions and stats about the VTR, have a look at www.ozfirestorm.com