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Comparison of Bigger Single Cylinder Bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rodgerdodger, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. For a variety of reasons I've decided I'll probably go with a bigger single cylinder bike when my restrictions end - the question is which one? I've still got a few months to go but it's getting to the time when I need to start looking at specific bikes as I'd like to be sure before parting with any of my hard earned dosh.

    So, for a start, what bikes could be recommended? I'm probably looking at a KLR, XR, or XT (or something similar, of the 600cc - 650cc variety) as cost is definitely a factor and while some touring is planned and part of the reason I'm looking at these bikes it's not going to be round the world BMW type stuff.

    I'm obviously open to suggestion, and some reasons not to get a bigger single cylinder bike would be good too actually, but from people's experience how have they found the types of bikes I'm referring to? I've been looking around on the internet and obviously they're roughly similar and since I'm still on restrictions I can't test ride anything so I was looking for specific stuff people have noticed. Servicing, problems specific to a model of bike, fuel consumption, long range tanks, modifications that may be necessary, all that sort of stuff - anything above the standard specifications that'll help me make a decision really.

  2. As a rough guide the more cylinders the better therefore a single is the most primitive and least powerful for a given capacity. They do have some advantages though, namely light weight, narrow and easy/cheap maintenance.

    It doesn't matter in a smaller piston size (125cc) but the bigger you go from there the more probs you're going to get with the dreaded VIBES. Fuel consumption is fine and as far as mods go, the usual exhaust and filter swap is worth a laugh.

    For specific bikes I'd personally go for a Suzuki 400 Supermoto either that or a 600 XT Supermoto or maybe one of those new Peg Strada's. It's a pity they don't import those sweet looking Honda Supermoto mono's over to Oz :(
  3. Basically true, but ignores the one advantage the single has over any other format......ooodle's of torque for any given capacity. Most singles also have a longer stroke, so engine braking is pronounced.

    Take a look at this one...

  4. ktm sm640? i've read really good reviews on that
  5. looks better this way.
  6. ? Still looks like a nice silver GB400TT to me............just kidding.
  7. The xr's are good engines and have been around for a while.

    Heaps of parts available, new, aftermarket and used.

    There not that trendy at the moment, so You can pick up a second hand one pretty cheap.

    the 500, 600 and 650 are the same engine. The r's tend to be kick start, whilst the L's have starters.

    Same engine in the Dominator (L) and the GB500, though not the gb400

    Also most modern single have a balance shaft or two, so vibes are less of a problem.

    The xr has one.
  8. There are a handful of us here who have big singles. They are an aquired taste - especially if you don't have electric start. Yes, they vibrate, so wear thicker socks :LOL:

    I like mine because it is cheap to run, easy to maintain and, despite only being a 500, fast and fun to ride in the twisties. The flexibility of a single's engine is very forgiving, so you don't spend all your time cog-swapping in and out of corners.

    Servicing is a treat - it just has two valves, and one plug lead sothere's no need to get confused over which piston was at TDC, or whether the plugs number from left to right or right to left. I can have the engine out in 30 minutes (not that I do this just for fun)

    I don't have a great top speed - runs out of legs at 145km/h. However, I do get 400km from a 16litre fill.

    A big single (like the SR500 or its off-road cousins the XT and TT) is a bit of a niche item. They are pretty cheap - a good one will set you back about $2000, a mint example maybe $4000. Once you get accustomed to its idiosyncracies, you'll find it very hard to part with
  9. I know where there is a muz 660 traveller 4 sale if you are interested.
  10. How much they worth Scoot?
  11. Thanks for the suggestion scooter - I'm not buying at the moment, more just interested in some opinions. I've currently got a DT175 so the tank, footpegs, bars, mirrors, seat and just about everything shaking isn't anything new although long distance riding might be a little more annoying. Other than that I think a single is what I'm after, although from what I've read the KLR and XT seem to be a little sluggish. Maybe the XR is the way to go? Any other options?

    I've also considered having a look at a couple of supermotos, might they be a better way to go since I'll be using the bike primarily on the road? Cheers.