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Comparable bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cellipatch58, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. Got the R-Dates about a month ago in Adelaide and sold my beloved Hornet. It's time for an upgrade and after riding a Gladius all I can say is I cannot even test ride something worse than this... Anybody have any other ideas on a bike that is comparable to the Suzuki Gladius? Or at least a bike with plenty of thrills...

  2. 1290 superduke
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  3. Still LAMS ? Ninja 650, Versys 650 ( more upright), Honda C500F, Ducati Monster 659 (ball buster). Go ride them all or at least sit on them.
  4. Ah yeah. Sorry didn't pick that up. Then staying with KTM check out the upcoming RC390
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  5. Still LAMS? Try the KTM 390 and the Yam MT07. CB 400 also good.
    What about the LAMS street triple coming out?
  6. Yeah always forget the mt07 seems to 've getting a lot of press because of it's 'hooligan' prowess. Plus yamaha reliability
  7. Go the Ninja - a beautiful forgiving ride...so responsive in the corners- great pick up- only downside the gearbox can be a bit moody in first- we are working with them on that one though.
  8. I think he wants a real bike not a toy
  9. Wounded...pffft- toy indeed- you better not come and play with me and my hot little Wasabi!:troll:
    Have you ever ridden one???
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    Yes I have ridden one. Any particular time you want to have this race?
  11. When I get my black license- I already got pinged once and got away with it...:asshat: but I have to get my P's first
  12. All options seem tasty. The Ducati would be at the top of the list if I wasn't going to use the bike primarily as a commuter. The triumph is perfect but can't justify spending $12k for a lams bike I'm going to sell in a year. I would prefer a v twin for 4 cylinder over the parallels... Has anyone ridden the Gsx650f in Lams trim?
  13. Ducati would be a good commuter. Ticks the other boxes too.
  14. Buy a KTM 390 and save yourself some $$$ if you are going to sell the Lams bike in the year.