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Comp Gurus who download movies with UTorrent???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by donski1, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. Argh, just after a bit of help please. I have installed utorrent recently cause I'm sick of missing Grey's anatomy and returning dvds late.
    Anyway, I'm having real trouble getting the thing to work. I keep getting a message - Error: Access denied when trying to download.
    I've written their help forums but all I get back is advice that is completely greek to me (me not being very computer literate). I've disabled my firewalls, got rid of Nero and it's still happening.
    And I still don't know if Meredith and McSteamy are back together?
    Help Please???

  2. try a diffrent program
    azures is my fav
    too many variables to tell u whats wrong
  3. Sounds like a private tracker. try a torrent from eztv try searching www.mininova.org and switch that firewall back on
  4. Was something like "port forwarding" mentioned in this Greek? If so that needs to be configured in your ADSL modem, assuming that you are on an ADSL service. Basically this allows torrent traffic to access your network via specific ports or channels in the modem.

    That's one thing.

    This can be an involved process particularly if you have a home network that uses what is called Dynamic Host Control Protocol or DHCP where the internet or network addresses for your computers, modem and other things that may access the 'net are assigned by a server, usually your ADSL router modem.

    Best to get a mate who can speek "Greek" to come round to help.

    Good luck.
  5. is this a private tracker you are using? Some of them make you wait 12 or 8 hours if you are new before downloads start.

  6. Well, you all certainly sound like you know what you're talking about - thanks for that. I'm not sure if it's a private tracker or not? It's a pretty mainstream program I think, if that's what you're asking?!

    I've found something through google that can talk me through the port forwarding that mjt mentioned, so I'll give that a go. How hard can it be (cough)?
    Yeah, I think I need at least one computer geek in my circle of friends. I just have to find out where they hang out and bribe one!
  7. the program Utorrent doesn't have the private tracker. Its the torrent file itself.
    Some are put on private trackers where you need to be logged into their site before being able to download. These are usually the sites where stuff can be put first (like 10 mins after it was showed on tv).

    try eztv like kamikaze_kawa said, as they are usually the public torrents

    Also if you want better download speeds I would limit your uploads to something between 10 & 20kb/s
  8. Or 1 @ 1kbps as several popular internet plans in Australia count uploads towards your download limit.

    I'm looking at you, Bigpond!

    I use Utorrent and get stuff off mininova. No worries. Just click "Seeds" at the top of the column and it'll list the options by popularity [pretty much] then get the most popular one.
  9. I work for warner bros, you guys are SOOOO busted! HA! :twisted:
  10. Alot of trackers will base your max download speed based on your upload rate and rank.

    Low seed rate = lower priority too.
  11. Dude you've come to the right place :LOL:
  12. Anyone use surfthechannel.com?
  13. Could be a bogus torrent also, always check for comments on the download page before you click "download" if theres negative feed or someone complaining about the torrent stay well away from it. If theres nothing said then usually all is good.

    And definately as said put your firewall back up, there is always a risk of a virus if you aint got it on! :-s
  14. Copy and paste this into google search

    intitle:("index of") (avi) greys.anatomy -html -htm -torrent

    Works well, go to the websites and saves as
  15. I've always used Bitlord without any hassles (thankfully)

    isohunt now have feedback capabilities so at least you can get an idea of quality etc. With isohunt you not just limited to one site as it searches many torrent sites to find what you want.
  16. Now now folks, I'm sure NONE of you are downloading any material you shouldn't? Right?

    I've said it before and will again, guys there are some topics that should just be left alone....

    NB: And if you are going to do it, at least make it worthwhile... Greys Anatomy???? (Shakes head)