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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 1nf3rn0, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I'm looking at commuting to work, the distance is about 50km. Just wondering what people recommend to wear? Leathers, textiles? dry riders?

  2. I commute daily, albiet only half the distance you intend on doing.
    My attire:
    Dry Weather : Helmet, Boots, Gloves, Draggins, Textile Jacket.
    Wet: I add a pair of Rjays Vector Pants over my Draggins
    I don't see the need for leathers when commuting.
  3. Agreed re the leather, indeed I suggest you get the gear that is easiest to wear and store, otherwise you might bet lazy and begin to neglect wearing it. Also, consider gear that is mesh but with a winter zip-on outer lining, so that it is more temperature-comfortable in summer, for the reason just mentioned. Dririder make such a pair of pants, sold at Mars Leathers and elsewhere... I wear a pair of Draggins long-johns, and they're great in winter and easy to remove and store at work in summer....
  4. i used to do 7km one way to work now i do around 80km... slight change... all that i changed in my habit was sitting right up behind big trucks, it sort of reduces the wind chill factor and its slightly warmer.
    I ride at 6am from woodend where its frikking cold and sitting behind a truck helps alot until it turns off.

    my gear:

    dry: textile jacket with liner + 2 t-shirts, draggins, boots, helmet, polartek neck warmer (tube like thing from ski shop) which seals between jacket and helmet. Edit: summer gloves with heated grips.

    wet: all of the above with el-cheapo plastic over pants i picked up at some bike store for $25. They help a little with the wind too. If it rains i just hang up the jacket and jeans if i didnt have the plactic on before hand.

  5. +1. During the warmer months to come (woohoo), I've got a good mesh/textile jacket. Just need to find some lighter pants as my overpants would be too hot
  6. Throughout Winter i was wearing the following on the commute:

    Textile Dri Rider jacket
    Winter Cycling long bibs under the Draggins (Work like a charm!)
    Alpinestars SMX Plus boots
    Dri rider Winter gloves or Aplinestars SP1 if it wasn't to cold.

    Textile jackets are great as during the day it's a lot warmer so you can remove the lining if you need to. Heated grips should be high on the list if you don't already have them. I have them on my MV but not the Firestorm, ironic as it should be the other way around. I'll definitely have them on my Firestorm for next Winter, don't need them right now IMO.
  7. At 50km I'd advise leathers. At 25 km they are not worth the hassle to put on, but any more than that you are pushing your luck.
  8. I recommend wearing your birthday suit.
  9. 60+k commute and wear leather pants and jacket Summer and Winter, just change gloves/neck warmer/layers depending on the temperature. Wear rain pants and jacket if wet.
  10. Or an Armani
    I'm yet to see someone in a suit on a bike
    would be funny
  11. Just started riding into uni this week... about 35km each way.

    Helmet, gloves, leather jacket, kevlar jeans and boots for me.

  12. Are you getting more attention from the hotties in your gear now?
  13. Dress for the fall, not the ride.

  14. straight to the point, i agree.

    i wear full leathers, jacket and pants to uni, work, the mall to do shopping.... sometimes i feel like a knob but i dont care. i look like a tank so i dont think anyones going to say anything to me :LOL:

    arent the commuters, who are on the road everyday and around the most traffic the ones most likely to be knocked off?

    when its really cold or wet weather i put on my dri rider jacket and pants

    and back protector too

    and earplugs
  15. Wear the best you can afford anytime you take to the road
  16. Haha, people notice the helmet etc if I carry it and it gets a few looks but I have a friend who lets me put my gear in her car.
  17. i do a 4-5km commute (each way) and not really sure on what i should wear.

    sometimes its just the suit :cool:
  18. Did my first commute today. :grin:

    I subscribe to the ATGATT school of thought.
  19. For non rainy/not too hot days; Riding boots, leather gloves, leather jacket, draggins, helmet

    For rain/hot days; riding boots, textile/waterproof gloves, dri rider textile jacket, draggins, helmet.
  20. I wear my dri-riding jacket and pants, and make sure I get to work 5 mins early to change into my work gear in my backpack.
    I used to wear jeans as it's a short trip - but the first day of rain stopped that - how can you get so wet from the knees down in 5 mins! :grin:
    My workmate told me I looked like a power ranger lol but the warmth of those pants are worth it :grin: :p