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Commuting while you commute.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FriendlyFire, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. I was on the train last night (the Hurstbridge line for those of you in Melbournia) and was doing a little light reading while going to attend an evening of concert music.

    The train pulls in to a station and a guy pushes a 125cc scooter straight into the carriage. He pulls it up on the centrestand, puts his bicycle helmet on the handlebars, sits down and hits the keyring to alarm the thing.

    The train pulls away and the only other guy in the carriage with me turns and looks at me with a what the -?! look on his face, totally confused, not even amazed, just gobsmacked, as if someone had just pushed a motor vehicle onto the train.

    As the train came into the next station it falls off the centrestand (as it would! it's on a moving train!) and he nonchalantly picks it up and leans it against the driver's door - the one marked 'DO NOT OBSTRUCT THIS DOOR' and sits back down again and stares out the window.

    The best part (if any of this can be said to outrank any other in the LOLstakes) is that he gets off after only FOUR STOPS and rides away!

    Mind. Blown.

  2. :rofl:
    Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Please tell me you took a picture of this shit.
  3. I did, but my phone camera will show you a crystal clear preview when in fact the photo itself is uselessly blurry, which is what happened.

    I'll add he sat down NEXT TO IT and alarmed it, too. Because someone is going to be able to back your scooter out the door while you're sitting next to it. Facing the door. On a train.
  4. Sure it's slightly strange that he put the alarm on and sure it's rude of him to lean the bike against the guard's door. But I don't see the big deal? I mean it's obviously not peak hour and he's not really causing too much hassle.
  5. Years ago when I needed to move my broken down 50cc scooter across suburbs I just walked it up to the trainstation (Belgrave line) and bought myself a ticket. The driver did come and ask if it had petrol in it. I lied.
  6. Years ago in the UK (early 80s) when passenger trains had large guard's compartments, it wasn't at all unusual for them to transport scooters and small motorcycles (say sub-125) between towns. It stopped when most services ceased to be locomotive hauled with proper, old fashioned carriages and were taken over by multiple unit stock which didn't even have room for a single bicycle.

    Can't say I ever saw it on suburban networks though.
  7. It's a scooter. He prolly ran out of fuel but as he last filled up 2 years ago he's forgotten where it goes. So he is taking it back to the dealer for a service.

    As for the alarm, Only guessing here, but do you look shifty?
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  8. #8 smileedude, Oct 12, 2011
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    Could he have had a few too many? Avoid riding drunk on the main roads by taking his scooter on the train.

    Other option is a strong headwind that would cause it to stall.
  9. Hmmm, hangs his bicycle helmet on the handlebars, goes 4 stops and then rides it away?
    I'm thinking maybe he got busted for the helmet...
    But given he put the alarm on etc, he may also just be a complete nutter.
  10. Best thing about scooters is that they can fall over without any damage and owner not caring. Hell easy to pick up as well.

    Bicycle helmet on scooter - I really don't see a problem with that. Fairly common for riders to hit 60. Hard to get much more than that in a typical scooter application.
  11. i've seen a dude riding a scooter with a bicycle helmet in box hill, maybe it's the same guy
  12. 125 scoots only weigh about 100-130kg, no different to a tall/fat person..

    Setting the alarm though.. classic wtf
  13. What you and I might think is irrelevant here - this is Victoria, and he was lucky not to have been shot and then deported.
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  14. Sure. What I don't see and what the rule book might say are two very different things.
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Years ago, before we had licences, my mate and i (who both ride motorbikes now) had a particularly adventurous day where we trekked it to the west on public transport and bought a mini quad bike and then brought it back with us.

    This is a picture of the bike on the ferry back to manly:


    My mate then RODE it home to mona vale, he got pulled over by cops on the way there and then never used the bike again :p
  17. Interesting... hehe.
  18. whatever floats you're boat... shame you dont have a pic!
  19. Was it a full on scooter or a moped?