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Commuting to the train station

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Maxim Balaganskiy, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    Could you please advise me on my issue: I got my L's 2 months ago. For the first month I tried commuting from Werribee to CBD. For the first 2 weeks it was fine, then I got tired... 70 km per day on a Kawa 250 is just too much of a fun. Now I'm thinking about driving to the train station. I don't worry too much about leaving a bike - it's under insurance - but clothes is a completely different matter. Is it safe to leave clothes in some bag locked to the bike on a station like Werribee or Hoppers Crossing? Another idea is to use a bike cage to store a bag. Any comments?
  2. I wouldn't trust a bag attached to the bike. Get yourself a top box.

    But you'll get used to riding every day. 70kms a day isn't huge.
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  3. just make sure you nod to the inspectors
  4. Yeah just keep at it, you get use to it. My commute is 50km each way (narre warren to cbd). But after a while doesn't seem like such a long distance at all
  5. Maxim,

    Sounds like you need to relax on the bike and the train station question will be out.
  6. Wish my commute was longer only 15km each way:/
  7. Is it really worth it? Looks like you have to sign your life away...and strictly speaking they are only for cyclists (minor point of course).


    I find it stressful some days commuting into the city and the train does give you the dead brain time that you need sometimes. But don't get lulled into just always doing little trips to the train station. You should still ride into the city to challenge yourself from time to time. Dodging all those taxi drivers makes you a better rider! :)
  8. go with the bike locker idea....
  9. If you are not on holidays over the next couple of weeks, I'd stick with the bike from Werribee, certainly wouldn't leave it there or at Hoppers. Depending where in CBD though you might want to avoid Westgate Bridge until 12th January as there are bridgeworks until the 11th.

    Take the old Geelong Road, and then via Dynon or Footscray Roads.
  10. Keep commuting on your bike.

    I would be more concerned about getting stabbed at those railway stations than the bike and gear getting pinched.
  11. Your bike won't last long at the station once thieves figure out your routine...