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Commuting to Sydney CBD from Gosford area

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by chrome, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. So,

    Looking at getting a place up in the Gosford area as house prices in Sydney are ridiculous.

    Does anyone commute to the Sydney CBD for work from there, and can share experiences?

    Does anyone commute on their bike? Is the traffic completely unbearable?


  2. I commute to North Ryde. These days I catch the train but I did commute on my bike. I had to get up early so used to hit the Old Road at 5.30 in the morning. Great in summer but you had to watch out for the wildlife!
    Riding or driving on the F3 means you have to run the gauntlet of tradies in utes. Not nice
  3. I was able to commute from Gosford to Pymble for a grand total of 4 days (a search of my threads will lead you to the answers) and found that traveling south on the F3 of a morning wasn't too bad as everyone is in the same half awake/off to work state and weren't too much hassle but it was quite the reverse coming home. As I had varying finish times I can tell you that it doesn't really matter what time you find yourself heading up the freeway for home time - it's nuts!
    I'm not sure if it was because I was riding the GSX and it had that 'old' look to it but the agro really seems to come out in cagers when heading home to the point where I had them pushing me when I dared get out of the left lane. It's frustrating, annoying and down right frightening when a box piloted by a red mist affected zombie sits on your license plate when you're doing 140+kph and then backs off as soon as you've decided to get of their way. After two days of that shit I decided to travel home via the F3 until the Hawkesbury and then follow the old road from there, so much better as it was peaceful, prettier and far more interesting. So what if the speed limit is slower, you get to Sommersby feeling fresh instead of sweaty and shaking after running the F3 gauntlet.
    As a reference point I leave home to do the F3 run (car or bike) around 05:20 for a 06:30 start, for some reason the trip takes 45mins where as it stretches out to closer to an hour if I leave at 05:30.
  4. train it, or move to something Berowra way