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Commuting on sports bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Riderman, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Hi

    What are your thoughts and experiences with commuting mon - fri on a sports bike? Uncomfortable? Difficult to manuever through traffic?

  2. I do it all the time, no problems. Less agile than a scooter, more agile than a cruiser.

    I should note, however, that my commute is a whopping 8 minutes on one road :rofl:
  3. not that bad, depends on what you are commuting through. e.g. sydney city is not that great
  4. I've been commuting to work on my CBR600F for a while now. The first time, my work was close to home (only 3 suburbs away and about 15-20 minutes each way). Those trips were OK on the bike as they were only short and quick.
    Lately, I've been commuting a bit further to a new job (from Bankstown to Randwick during peak hour which takes just under an hour each way covering about 25Km). I notice it's a lot less comfortable as you're always stopping a lot and when you do move, it's at a slow pace. The seating position on the CBR definately wasn't designed for this sort of riding. I can remember when I used to ride to work on my GPX 250 when I was still a newby and that bike was a lot more comfortable for this sort of stop/start riding. I reckon I'd be a lot more happy commuting to work if I could get a clear run without so much stopping along the way.
  5. I've commuted on 3 bikes - Honda CB250, Honda CBR600F and BMW F800s.

    I found commuting on the more sporty 600F was sometimes a little hard on the wrists and back. In summer a fully faired bike can leave you hot and sweaty.

    If you are going to be mainly commuting, I'd suggest you think twice before getting a full on sports bike. Not always easy - the heart chooses the bike, not the commuter.

    Don't forget to work out how you are going to carry stuff. Sports bike + backpack is common. Rack and Bag or top box might be a better option.
  6. You can do pretty much anything with any bike though it might not be the optimal bike for the purpose.

    It's whether the bike makes up for it when it does get used for it's proper purpose that determines whether the compromise is bearable or not.
  7. 05 R6, Every day, 25 Minutes each way.
    Love it.
    There are some good corners I get to hook into, or every now and then I take the Boulevard, but generally it is a normal commuting grind.
  8. G'day everyone,...

    A sports bike for commuting,..?
    No problems,..
    I do 200klm a day round trip home-work-home no problems on a CBR1000rr.
    I can understand if your travel is mostly urban grind,..stop-start then a more upright bike would be a better option.
    However if you can stand the weekdays,. you got a nifty machine for the weekend!

    Dr Who?
  9. Until recently I was commuting about 20kms through stop/start traffic on an R1... trip to work would take around 40 minutes or so.

    Overall it wasn't too bad, except in the summer, as being stuck in traffic on something that puts out that much heat, is not fun. Slow speed maneuvering through stopped/slow cars was a bit tough as well.

    But hey, the way I see it, if you get to ride the bike at some point during the day, even if it is through peak hour traffic, or the day is uncomfortably warm, or pouring with rain....it's a good day :D
  10. I used my 900rr for getting to work/uni doing about 60-70kms return each day. Completely doable, just massive massive overkill. I bought a 125 this week to avoid having to take the blade, meaning can fit softer compound tyres not having to commute, massive luggage space, easier to ride through traffic and doesn't cook me at traffic lights, more comfortable, better fuel economy (about 40% as much as my 900), etc etc. Also kind of figured only a matter of time before I lost my license ;)

    So yes, you can do it. But I'm glad that I now have a more appropriate commuter second bike :tantrum:
  11. I do around 1000km's a week on my Daytona 675, no problems at all... license retention can be difficult however.

    I personally think racks on sports bikes look fukn terriable, so I just get by with a sports bag slung over my shoulder, no problems.

    I sold my ZZR-250 which I debated keeping as a commuter, some days I wish I still had it with respect to keeping super sticky tyres on the Daytona (current road 2's) and license retention (well, better chances anyway). Story short though I weighted it all up and found it better to keep only the Daytona as my fun/track/commuter bike.

    Here's my original thread if you bothered to search this topic (another one done repeatedly) regarding commuting on bikes...

    Maneuvering through traffic is a little less for me on the Daytona as compared to the ZZR-250. This is only because of my low speed skills on the Daytona, I can only ever really touch with one set of toes (not one foot, me short, bike tall). My ZZR I could reverse and do all sorts of tricky shit when filtering, I'd say at a guess now, I'm down to around 90% of the maneuvering around traffic ability on the Daytona to what I had on the ZZR. In saying that, I seem to always be passing other bikes "attempting to split and filter" in traffic. (oh, and to the fukn noob c^&* (VFR) who cut me off mid 60km/h split and caused me to almost plow into a car friday morning on the tulla, I've seen you several mornings now, monday morning you won't get a pleasant reception, /end rant) Your splitting and filtering skills will develop with your new bike. Story short, I've learnt to read well ahead of traffic and chose paths to filter/split that will lessen my chances of getting stuck.

    Those talking about wrist pain need to learn how to ride their bikes.

    Good luck making a decision. :) Commuting on a bike is frikking awesome I say, its makes every commute fun in its own way... :grin:
  12. Commuted and pretty much all-arounded on my Aprilia RS125. Brilliant through town but a bit sweaty because of the fairing sometimes. I found it more or less comfortable, but a half-hour stint through town might see you getting a bit irritated.

    I'd definitely get a naked if I was to start again. Hell, thats what both my next bikes are, the GS850 and a little 100 stoker.

    Cheers - boingk
  13. I commute on my M109R, and it is a darn sight more comfortable in traffic than a sports bike.

    And being a big and loud mofo, people make way for me.
    I am about as dangerous as an accountant, but they dont know that.

    No probs filtering, lane sharing, or just cruising along.

    Used to commute on a sports bike many years ago - before I broke my wrists a few times. Couldnt do it now - no strength in them old bones.

    But there is no reason why you cant.
  14. I commute about 20km each way every day on my ZX-9R without any real trouble. It can get a bit hot in the middle of summer if you get caught in traffic, but that doesn't happen too often. I don't have any manouvrability problems, and filtering is easy due to the nice wide lanes we have here in Canberra.
  15. I commute on my GSXR 750, around 50km a day, before the gixxer i had a ninja 250r.
    The turning circle on the gixxer isnt as good as the ninja but like brownyy said, if you read ahead it isnt a problem.
    You will learn your route and know where and where not to split :)
    As for the heat, yeah its warm, not unbearable though.

    I say if a sports bike is what gets your blood pumping, go for it :)
  16. I commute most days on my 07 R6 it's great at 5.30 in the morning,(no traffic) it's coming home in the arvo it gets a bit painful!
  17. not to mention that there is only 3 other cars and 1 other bike on the roads in Canberra at any given time :p