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Commuting on a sports 250

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Joff, May 26, 2005.

  1. hey guys,

    I'm another keen to get my license shortly and am trying to decide on what bike to get.

    I have looked at a few and just want to know do any guys on here commute daily on a 250 sports bike (CBR250R or RR, ZX2R, FZR etc.)? Would like a sports bike but am worried about the comfort of these machines.

    Let me know,

  2. This is a question only you can answer for yourself . People will give different makes and models that suite them which is no good for yourself . I suggest you go to sumoto 250's and sit on every possible 250 to find what feels comfortable then take it for a test ride . Just dont buy one from there .
  3. #1 - Sumoto's reputation on this site is less than favourable
    #2 - sure go there and sit on their bikes, but don't expect to be allowed to go for a test ride. They told me when I rang them at the beginning of the year that because their bikes are "almost new" and have new tyres, they don't do test rides, but you can of course sit on a bike then buy it :shock:

    I commute everyday on my ZZR, and (as most people here know) I love it ! I have ridden from Melbourne to Mt Hotham a few times (about 6 hrs with a break) in total comfort. Sure it's not as powerful at a ZX2R, CBR250RR, or an FZR250, but it's a great solid bike that has proven to be highly reliable and successful for Kawasaki.

    Definitely consider.
  4. I commuted on an fzr250 for 3 years without problems (between 50-80 k's per day). In some ways it was easier than a larger size bike because of how tiny it was.
  5. They do let you do test rides . I have taken friends up there just for that purpose .I didnt say buy one from them at all .
  6. I commute daily on my ZXR250. It's ok - it's not as comfortable as I'd like it and I constantly find myself more impatient with the traffic than I would normally be because of the sporty riding position.

    I bought the bike with the express purpose of fanging it through the twisties and taking it to track days, though. If all you're going to do with the bike is commute, don't bother. Get a ZZR, GPX, or Across if you want something sporty and comfortable.
  7. midnight, all I can say is exactly what they told me when I asked to take a bike for a test ride in January/February this year, and that was : "We don't do test rides mate, our bikes are basically brand new with new tyres and they're slippery so it's too dangerous" Maybe they've changed the way they do things there before or since either you or I have asked them last ???

    My immediate thought was "If the bikes are so dangerous to not allow a test ride, what happens when you first ride the thing away after purchasing it?" :shock::shock::shock:
  8. Aaaah, you see, you're not their responsibility once you've bought the thing. If you have an off while on a test ride I'm sure that Sumoto would be at least partly liable. Good business sense, crap customer service...
  9. i'm 6'2" and i used to commute about 80kms a day (mostly motorway) on my ZZR with no hassles.
  10. Firstly, Sumoto wanted to see some money laid down before they'd hand anyone i know the keys to any of their bikes. They explained it that thay didn't want time wasters. They said if i paid half (or something) up front, then they would let me out with whatever bike i wanted, if i liked it... pay the rest and it was mine. If i didn't... well they'd let me out with another one. Needless to say, i sat on all of their freshly painted 'low km' bikes then got out of there.

    Secondly, i commute (short distance: from Collingwood to the CBD) on my FZR every single day, both to uni & work. It's comfortable enough for me, but i was never after a lounge on wheels. Longest i can ride without a break is about 3 hours (~a petrol stop).
  11. I'm another lover of the baby "Z", I do around 80k per day on my ZZR250, plus weekends whenever I get a leave app from senior management (read wife,) There are faster bikes, and cruisers may be more comfortable (arguably) but if you want something that's comfortable to commute , but fangable on weekends, go the ZZR........ but then again it's all down to individual taste.
    I'll ride with ya, whatever you buy.....
  12. sumoto would not let me test ride their bikes and i was very serious about buying.

    i ended up going to recycled motorcycles in lilydale where i got the same bike as they had at sumoto for $1,200 less. its the same deal as in they give you the helmet, gloves etc for free and you choose the color scheme etc, but just a lot cheaper

    i decided on the fzr250 purely because the riding position was better for me than the cbr250 or the zx2r

    my recommendation is to go sit on as many bikes as u can before you buy

    im sure no matter what bike you choose you'll love it!

    just make sure you get all the riding gear ie:helmet, gloves, jacket, pants and boots...its VERY IMPORTANT especially for someone new to riding

    good luck
  13. Surely Sumoto are just going to tell you whatever they feel like telling you at the time?
    I mean, when I was there I got the impression that the sales people said and did whatever they wanted to to get a sale so I'm not sure if they have a policy on test rides or not.

    Regarding the commute, well I would say a trip to work and then back would be less time than a recreational ride in the weekend?
    So surely comfort while commuting is the least of your worries?

    I have a VTR250 naked sports (but still pretty upright position) and am a bit over 6foot. I find it great.
  14. Thanks for all your input guys, much appreciated.
    I'm really stuck between getting into cruisers or sports bikes, would love both but can't afford it.
    On one hand I love the attitude, style and comfort of cruisers but on the other hand I will enjoy a bit of a fang once I'm confident enough.
    Anyone face my dilemma in the past or able to offer advice?
  15. I rode a Virago on my L's (12 months)
    I ride a ZZR now on restricted licence (till Jan '06)

    I like the cruiser, it was a bit of a no brainer so was easy to ride and was enjoyable. The Sports Tourer of the ZZR fits me perfectly.

    Best advice is to see if you can borrow someones or hire a bike for a day and see what you think of it, then do the same with the other style. The only way you're going to know for sure is if you try them both out for more than 30 minutes.

    I can recommend A1 Motorcycles out at Ringwood as an excellent bike dealership. I've been in there twice and have had nothign but excellent service. I was given a test ride on 3 bikes and told to go out for as long as I wanted. Ask for John.
  16. get a vtr250 :D
  17. Don't listen to Undii, he doesn't know what he's talking about. Buy yourself a Honda VT250 Spada and join the winning team... 8)
  18. bah !

    ZZR's are the best 250's in Australian history !!!
  19. cruisers aren't really good for lanesplitting :)
    Naked, something like the zzr, or a handbag would be more suitable

    disclaimer: not that i would condone that sort of behaviour lol

  20. Don't listen to Pete.
    Everyone knows VTR250s are better cos they cost more :p